Don’t tell me you’re not a fan of Christmas?

I definitely love the atmosphere it creates; the coldness of the weather, the twinkling of lights everywhere, the parties and therefore ‘fun’ times and some time off work.

What I am not a fan of is the commercialism. I’m not one for sending cards to people I’ve not seen for a long time (perhaps this is the time you should send them and I’m wrong). I’m also not a fan of massively expensive presents – although my eldest has asked for a pair of vans this year. For those not up on the ‘vans’ scene these are shoes that retail for anything around £100. Luckily for me that is all she’s asked for! Phew!

I love spending time with friends and family – all year round – and do my utmost to initiate them.

I’m not going to waffle on so have a fabulous break, enjoy and do what you love; that will make your time special. Think of others but also of yourself.


Thank you to all those I have met in 2018, that has inspired me, helped me, laughed with me, thanked me and ultimately made my year a good one – on all counts (if you don’t count the last 3 months of being injured and no netball in my life – but then again, England Netball won Team of 2018 on the Sports Personality of the Year. Fabulous!

Take care

Michelle x