IT & Computer Software Training

Does your business take advantage of IT, or shy away from the latest technology?

IT Training is an essential investment for any organisation, giving your team the skills it needs to work smarter, not harder.

Using spreadsheets and formulas in your day to day running of your business.

Using word processing to produce documents that present your company consistently and on brand.

Using Outlook to create your task list, communicate effectively and retrieve information quickly and efficiently.

Usine online platforms to support your business growth and development.

Turning your light on to the skills to make your work easier.

Virtual Hand can ensure that you’re getting the most out of the tools that drive your business forward, with flexible training programmes that will make every member of your team more IT savvy. Individual or small group training where training is needed; using the computer effectively, filing documents, creating reports using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (email).

Get with the programme

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, so don’t just assume that every member of your team knows what they are doing. IT Training will ensure that you and your staff understand key software and programmes, to boost the productivity of your workforce and ensure the smooth-running of your business.

Training can be invaluable when you take on new staff, or when key team members leave your company. Whether you haven’t got the time to train that new employee or you feel your workforce needs a little help from the experts, IT training can bring their computer skills up to scratch and providing ‘company systems and styles‘ in an efficient way for them to get started straight away.

IT training tailored to your needs and Company Guides for consistency and on brand

Virtual Hand can provide on-site training for some or all of your team. From computer skills that focus on administrative roles, to bespoke training for IT software, we’ll ensure that key members of staff become more efficient and more adept.

Producing a company guide on both systems, documents and ways of communicating can ensure new staff take on board your standards from Day one. We can  help with the creation of these Guides for all your business processes to be streamlined, consistent and to brand.

Invest in short-term support for long-term gain with Virtual Hand.

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For a small business such as mine, not yet at a stage where I can employ a full time PA, Michelle is a vital resource. She has helped me to liaise with clients and recover unpaid fees. Always polite, efficient and professional, she gets the job done and takes away the stress. I fully recommend her to anyone in a similar position who just needs a bit of help from time to time.

Fionnuala Donnelly, Mustard Seed Media

Michelle is a godsend in the life of any busy trainer! Having a training background herself means that she has an intuitive understanding of what is needed both in terms of presentations and look of handouts but also in terms of project management and achieves a really quick and accurate turn around of work.

Jane Wintringham, Develop4Choice
Christopher Stribblehill

Working with Michelle is a joy. As a neuro diverse thinker, with multiple business streams and learning, Michelle helps to keep me on track. Whilst I’ve been told I’m highly organised myself, with a number of successful strategies, it’s great to give Michelle the things that I find it more difficult to create time for. This frees the time to focus on delivery and enables me to relax in the knowledge, that my business is in a safe pair of virtual hands.

Christopher Stribblehill, Coaching Made Simple
Caroline Andrew-Johnstone

Everyone should have a ‘virtualhand’. Michelle has helped Fasprint win more customers with her vast knowledge of Twitter and how to use it effectively.

Caroline Andrew-Johnstone, Fasprint
Tom Morton

Michelle is efficient, helpful, and very professional dealing with customers. When it comes to the (much more difficult!) task of dealing with *me*, not only is she all the above, but also keeps me in order — always in a supportive way, of course!

Tom Morton, The Alternative Board
Richard Eaton

Michelle has already helped transform my business not just doing VA type work but also as a full blown Project Manager. In just a few weeks she has proven to be indispensable and has produced fantastic results on some really demanding projects. Highly recommended.

Richard Eaton, Appware
Teresa Bowe

I hired Michelle to train one of my staff on the use of Word. She arrived on time, worked very well with my team and also was excellent on the follow up that she promised, as so many training providers promise support after the event but do not deliver.

Teresa Bowe, CCF Accountancy
Nick Hill

I’ve been working with Michelle for a few months now and the major benefit for my business is giving Michelle the tasks I don’t want to do so I can do what I have to do more effectively. It’s strange watching someone enjoy doing the jobs you hate but that’s the beauty of this service! My relationship with Michelle is very easy going. She gets the work back to me on time, sure there have been teething issues but that was down to me. We’re getting the direction right now and I see Michelle as an integral part of my business. Without her, Mr Presenter wouldn’t be moving forwards at the rate it is. She’s highly trustworthy, does exactly what I ask when I ask and that’s exactly what you want from this type of service. Whether its getting spreadsheets in order, managing social media, email marketing, sending out contracts/invoices, meeting me to exchange workload; that’s what you get. No problems in recommending Michelle Poole of Virtual Hand if you are wanting someone to take the strain away from a growing business. If you are thinking about working with Michelle and want to speak to me personally feel free to do so.

Nick Hill, Mr Presenter

What can I say about Michelle? She is professional, reliable and very enthusiastic about her work. Michelle is certainly not just another PA, she is an asset to any business that needs support and cannot afford the cost of taking on a new employee, I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.

Chrissie Metcalfe, Recruitment Consultant
Chris Edwards

Michelle is a great asset to my company. Working as a virtual assistant she’s quick in turning around what I need and I have complete trust in her ability so much so that she now deals directly with my clients. Always there on the phone and email whenever I need her. Excellent ongoing service.

Chris Edwards, Creative Filming
Julie Tumilty

Michelle has been our virtual PA for over a year now and has provided us with admin, project management and marketing support. She has been easy to work with and been able to get on with all tasks unsupported, with very little input, allowing us to get on with running and growing the business- a perfect interim to employing a part or full time person in this role.

Julie Tumilty, Feature Media

I hired Michelle as my VA in June 2013 and have not looked back. She came highly recommended and provides fantastic support to me in lots of ways as I am a very time-pressed MD. I can give Michelle any task from copy-writing to event management and she can run with it and nothing gets forgotten or dropped off her radar! She has high integrity and is a very safe pair of ‘virtual’ hands!

Carolyn Blunt, Real Results Training

Michelle at Virtual Hand has just saved me hours (and probably my life, but almost certainly any remaining sanity I have left) by checking over an 11,000 word document for me. Excellent service, fast turn around and accurate work. I will use again, promise I will give more notice for the next project!

Jo Fox, Autex UK

I hired Michelle at Virtual Hand to carry out some detailed work on legal documents for me – she did an excellent job. The work was completed on time and the fee was very reasonable – I would hire Michelle again for PA support in the future.

Michelle Park, The Senior Move Partnership

Michelle worked for me on a leaflet for one of my courses. She advised me, which I really needed, was fast and efficient, and she was brilliant when I made tweaks and changes numerous times. Will definately work with her in the future. Lovely person, excellent service.

Christine Mclean, Transformational Coach and Trainer

Michelle has proved to be extremely efficient in chasing up unpaid invoices for my company going back over two years. I had struggled to receive payment from some very elusive customers but Michelle has managed to resolve things and many of these invoices have now been paid, I highly recommend her.

Jon Cass, Photographer

My business is now undergoing many changes and Michelle has proved an invaluable source of ideas, hands on assistance and good old common sense in what continues to be a very turbulent time for me. I’m not usually into praise – but I’m making an exception here – she’s a real diamond!

Phil Grundell, Mentor and Strategist

The response to a recent marketing campaign meant that I spent more time than expected on appointments and, therefore, had less time than expected to complete the initial follow up to our later marketing. I asked Michelle to complete these telephone calls on my behalf, which she did quickly and efficiently and which resulted in further leads to follow up and allowed me to avoid feeling that I’d wasted our marketing spend. Michelle is very personable and professional and I would recommend her telephone skills in whatever context you ask her to use them.

Iain MacKay, Solutions with Impact

I have used Michelle to help me with various administrative roles, and the service she provides is excellent. So much so that I am happy to recommend her as a partner of our virtual helpdesk service ( I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone looking for professional, reliable VA services.

Sheena Whyatt, Lightning Training

We couldn’t possibly have gone away for a month if we hadn’t known that Michelle was looking after things for us back home. We felt confident to leave the business with her checking our emails as we knew anything urgent would be sorted and everything else filed for our return.

Sarah Brown, Business Coach

I employed Michelle to do some Telemarketing to help introduce me to small and medium sized businesses nearby. The results have been fantastic and within the first week her calls got me 3 meetings and all 3 have resulted in live projects. I’ve continued to use Michelle because her enthusiasm, support and value it adds to my business is simply priceless. I’d highly recommend Michelle because she’s not only professional, experienced, but a pleasure to work with too.

Carl Wagstaff, Freelance Creative Director

Michelle is a lady who gets things done. She has loads of ideas, is extremely efficient and highly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Helen Booth, Masque Photography

Michelle is the person you want on your side whether it’s a planned project or a last minute task. She is efficient, organised and very professional. I highly recommend Michelle for delivering personal assistance and administrative support, particularly for trainers like myself.

Sarah Allison, Social media expert

Michelle is a life-saver, OK that’s maybe a little bit of an exaggeration (but not much!), but she’s definitely a sanity-saver! She’s super organised, always helpful, professional and friendly and just generally a pleasure to work with.

Clancy Walker, Copywriter

I have just started to work with Michelle but already I can see the benefits. Michelle is a joy to work with, completely on my wavelength and switched on to the needs of my business – really looking forward to working with Michelle this year.

Colette Lowe, PR Expert

I have worked with Michelle and Virtual Hand for about a year now. As her saying suggests, Virtual Hand, always on hand… My business is new and I’m very grateful for the coaching, administration assistance and friendship that has helped me develop HDP during our first year. I’m looking forward to our continued collaboration in 2015, taking both our business from strength to strength. I would thoroughly recommend Virtual Hand, as you don’t only get excellent service, it’s a personal service with the understanding of someone who has a feel for how companies work and what we all need.

Helen Purdy, Occupational Therapist

Michelle helps you to take away all those tasks and projects that you hate doing or do not have the right skills to execute them efficiently. She helped systemise our admin, update our CRM, help with Social Media and doing research into finding appropriate suppliers. This allows us to spend more time with our clients and thus more time fee earning and working in our passion. Michelle is a breath of fresh air.

Bob Brown, Business Coach

Michelle creates value – her work freed me up to concentrate on the bits of my business that only I can do. She’s able to turn her hand to most things and she has a vast network of contacts who know how to do the rest. Great to work with as well.

Tilla Brook, Leadership Engager

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