Getting Organised Programme

Simple Steps To Save Time & Have More Freedom

Would you like to start every day fully in control of what you are doing – safe in the knowledge that you are both working ON your business as well as IN it?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Have you fallen out of love with your business? Does it all seem far too hard, far too many things to do as opposed to the things you love and the reason you went into business? Just too many distractions.
  • Are your evenings and weekends lost catching up with client work; no time to spend with your family or friends?
  • You’re spending too many hours in your business but not actually growing or achieving those goals you set?
  • So, you’ve had to turn work away – there’s no time to take on more?
  • You’ve tried to get help from those freelancer sites, the local girl from the village, an intern just out of college but you’ve then spent hours showing them what you want, editing their work, redoing it again yourself?
  • Have you started to ‘drop balls’, miss deadlines, forgot important calls or appointments, not prepared for critical meetings or just feeling so overwhelmed by all the demands on you and your time?
  • Have you been so close to getting a job? Not feeling like you are cut out to be a business owner.
  • Struggling to get to sleep at night or even snapping at the children when they ask you to spend time with them?
  • Are you eating more comfort food or quick, convenience snacks because your energy levels are low and you realise it’s been weeks since you’ve actually had some exercise?

Working through the programme with me will ensure your inbox is clear for those enquiries, your calendar is booked with things you love to do and there’s space to breathe throughout the week.

Let’s be a winner – in business and life.

Wouldn’t it be better to have time for family and friends, spend time with the children joining them in their world?

Let’s move towards better relationships and a better life.

Falling back in love with your business, working with fabulous clients and doing what you do best.

Feeling in control, being focussed on what you love and knowing your business is supporting you to achieve your goals – both business and personal.

I can help you.

I can help you to be so organised that every day is planned and works out fabulously.

It’s time to stop running around like a headless chicken.

It’s time for family and friends – hobbies too – regularly.

Wouldn’t it be great to actually achieve those goals and have time to celebrate them too?

Scroll down to learn more about my Getting Organised Programme…

Stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get organised. Take this moment and make some progress – Heidi Leonard

About The Programme

The Getting Organised Programme puts you in control of those critical areas of your business so you are running your business and not the other way round. Creating solid foundations on which to continue using the tools to create the business you love.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A series of 1:1 zoom sessions for training and support as well as done-for-you elements to get you started and continue with you on your journey.
  • Starting with a short introductory call to get clear on the programme and set your Goals for the 8 weeks together. You pick the day/time – jump straight into my calendar and book yourself in.
  • Goal Setting – set your 2-month goals on which to create patterns to achieve within our time together.
  • The next session will be up to 2-hours to let me into your world and your to-do list. A great session to empty your head (just talk to me!) and for me to take copious amounts of notes to set up your management tool to use going forward.
  • Task Mastery (you’ll be all over it!)  – Getting clear on what you need to do, when you need to do it for and who can help you to succeed. We will transfer your to-do list to an online platform, so you don’t drop any balls and you know what is coming up. Record those great ideas and review their importance; never missing or forgetting your dreams. You will then know your priorities and have a plan to getting them done.
  • Training sessions will follow for both your Inbox and Calendar to ensure you are in control and it’s working for you (outlook or gmail; we can use whatever you have).
  • Inbox Zero (or as near as dam it!) – easy flow of emails in, actioned and important ones highlighted. Easy to see new enquiries and essential information stored for you to read when you choose. We will discuss what you need to see and we will create that for you. Reduce your distractions and maximise the time spent in your inbox.
  • Calendar Control – blocking time for clients as well as those all-important ON business tasks to ensure you achieve your goals. Being able to see where you are spending your time and adjusting accordingly; using colour and automation to be in control of your time. You will have things in your diary that you want in there – even slots for working ON the business and space for those ‘special’ little rewards.
  • Accountability – online regular calls twice a month to progress use of the tools and move forward with your to-do’s. Email support throughout. Time to brainstorm and explore new avenues over 8 weeks to create those habits. Finally, to work towards and achieve your 2-month goals.
Business Support

Suzanne came to me with a head spinning full of things she needed to do – just starting out on the launch of a new product based venture as well as being heavily involved in a bricks and mortar hospitality business. Lots to learn and even more to implement for both businesses.

“I was feeling a little lost and needing direction. I was drawn to you initially because you were talking about having 6k emails in your inbox and what a waste of time that was. After our initial chat because you seemed very down to earth and you also seemed knowledgeable.”

Suzanne Knowles, Jake Anthony

Natalie has a lovely beauty business and was planning on expanding and opening a new clinic on the other side of town. She wanted to get organised to ensure nothing was left to chance and she didn’t lose focus on her clients at the same time as setting up the new clinic. She was also undergoing some heavy training which we were able to fit into her calendar to ensure success at the exam stage.

“I felt it was essential to prioritise the tasks that were in my head and from an objective view I would benefit from support to help with the business; mainly to carry out/help with marketing tasks because my main function is with clients in treatments.”

Natalie Wilkinson, Liberty Hall Beauty

No business can succeed in any great degree without being properly organised – James Cash Penney

Join The Programme

The Get Organised Programme puts you in control of those critical areas of your business so you are running your business and not the other way round. Creating solid foundations on which to continue using the tools to create the business you love.

After starting the programme you will be able to plan that lunch with the girls, a weekend away with your loved ones, finding the time to build those relationships up again.

Your planning sessions will be built into your calendar so you can progress consistently towards your goals, some early finishes but definitely loving your business and excited to be working with awesome clients; again.

Building a team will be easy, allowing them to do the things you’d rather not safe in the knowledge that they are experienced, skilled and enthusiastic to work with you.

On the programme you will find accountability, support and gain the clarity to move forwards within your business. Giving you a different perspective or asking those difficult questions – you will grow and develop within your business; with clarity and focus.

  • 1:1 zoom calls for training, planning and setting your goals
  • Task Mastery
  • Inbox Zero
  • Calendar Control
  • Further 1:1 calls to keep you on track
  • 8 week programme

When you’re ready, here’s how to proceed…

Step 1: Pay for the course (click to pay in fullclick to pay 2 x £375) and set our first date/time in your calendar by clicking here.

Step 2: During the call we will discuss the programme and I’ll learn a bit more about you and your business.

Step 3: We will agree the time and date of your ‘big’ session to get into your tasks – as soon as you can fit me in for a couple of hours.

What happens after I pay?

Step 2 and 3 above.

You’ll have a plan for the 8 weeks and we will schedule dates when you’re ready for your ongoing support. Finishing with fortnightly calls (and email support) to keep you on track and in control.

Frequently Asked Questions…

If you’ve still got questions or want to speak to me first; email me at [email protected] and I’ll reply within 24hrs.

It’s Time To Get Organised

Simple Steps To Saving More Time & Having More Freedom

Business Support

If you’ve come here looking for the £150 ‘short version’ to tackle your to-do list then Book a Call for us to chat and get you booked in.