Diary Management services make up an essential and commonly selected choice with our clients but, what does it involve?

Without a doubt, your time is your greatest commodity. As with all of our services, ensuring your time is put to its best use is our priority.

If you’ve worked with virtual assistants before, you may be familiar with the significant difference it makes to have a second pair of competent eyes managing your time and obligations. However, professional diary management services for your business take on a whole different dimension.

With your agreement, we can integrate diary management into your comprehensive package to ensure you never miss another lead or vital client appointment.

No more double booking appointments.

No more forgotten ZOOM appointments that didn’t add to your calendar correctly.

No more bookings made on day’s marked as Leave Days!

No clients left hanging when an emergency arises.

We are passionate about excellent customer service – and not just yours. Not only is keeping everyone on track our life-blood but, from personal experience, we know that how your time and customers are managed will determine the success of your business.

How does diary management work?

Normally, helping you to manage your diary with be interlinked with sorting and maintaining your email flow. Within guidelines and preferences established at the start, each email is responded to courteously, intelligently and promptly!

In line with how you want your own customer journey to play out, we can either book appointments directly into your diary and any office bookings system and / or forward key details to you or your relevant staff members.

We are also happy to update your CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) and can advise clients on the best available times for appointments, ensuring all the aspects of your dynamic days are considered.

Any appointments added to your office management system or online calendars will automatically be updated, in real time, for you and your in-house team to see.


For diary management to work, many executives and entrepreneurs must have their business and personal diaries integrated. Sharing access to details of your life outside of work may be alarming at first.

However, every one of our team relate to the importance of prioritising work commitments and family. Each of us is committed to the utmost levels of confidentiality and ensuring the hierarchy of your time commitments is maintained, with consideration and professional tact. Additionally, your contract will contain a clear Confidentiality clause. We are also fully insured and make every effort to be protected from cyber attacks and information leaks.

Too Many Cooks…?

Once a business owner experiences the freedom of being able to trust that their diary is up-to-date and well-spaced, it becomes much easier to say, with confidence, “I’ll let my VA know to contact you.” We like it this way. Allowing your dedicated team to balance how your allocated times are allotted means they are fully aware of what you need and when.

With the right access levels, not only can we make sure your appointments are well-spaced, but we can attach all the necessary information for that meeting, to the appointment – Business introductions; prospect profiles, meeting agendas, etc. We have many years of executive assistant experience behind us and know just what it takes to be ahead of the game.

Last Minute Changes

Miss a train? Child home from school? Just let us know.

When you begin your journey with us, you will have the opportunity to say how best you like to communicate. WhatsApp? Text? Your VA will know to look out for any adjustments to your schedule. This allows for last minute changes to be manoeuvred in and the right people told or rescheduled, without you being torn in too many directions. No panic. No stress. Just life, managed.

How to begin

Following your first discussion with us, you decide which of our services are best suited to your needs. Receive your proposal and in signing it, it becomes your contract. Simple!

Once you have added a user account to your calendar, your dedicated online diary management VA will ensure your days flow seamlessly together.

New Systems?

There are, indeed, hundreds of online diary systems, scheduling, bookings, events and CRM software options on the market. Many organisations will ask that you sign up with them before they can serve your business need. Our aim is to do whatever possible to avoid disruption, delays and missed opportunities. Unless you clearly want and need to implement new software programmes, we will adapt to your systems. Be that Google Calendar or other integrated scheduling applications.

What type of bookings can we manage?

Capturing your incoming prospect, leads and new customer information is always going to be a priority. We also know that the day-to-day dynamic of your organisation will intermingle with your personal activities, networking arrangements, travel and business meetings.

With clear guidelines from you, we are willing and able to:

  • Book in client appointments.
  • Schedule business meetings
  • Rearrange meetings and events.
  • Book-in telephone calls and ZOOM meetings.
  • Make travel arrangements – hotels; transport; flights.
  • Allot personal time and personal commitments
  • Block out dates for events.
  • Shift commitments around to allow for deadlines.

How We Integrate with your Team

It is essential that right from the start, there is no disruption to your daily operations. As such, it’s best to let the key people in your life and business know that your VA will be giving you a hand with certain aspects of the day.

To avoid any unwanted awkward situations, we do ask that you try and provide us with a list of important people and communicate which of your in-house team are responsible for each aspect of your business. This way, we will always assign messages and bookings, the right way.

‘Diary Management’ has become synonymous with old-style personal assistant or secretarial services. In reality, a fully functional, perfectly synced bookings system that combines the intricacies of the daily business operations, is a fundamental necessity of a scaling organisation or a thriving small business. Not least, a sound online diary management system allows you and your staff to remain at ease within the roles you manage best.

No matter which sector your company falls into – be it the legal sector, hospitality, health and beauty finance or trading – instituting solid and proactive organisational practices ensures your clients and prospects continually receive exceptional service, improving brand loyalty.

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