When it comes to running your business, it is quite normal to have several balls in the air at once. Often as business owners we are undertaking a myriad of different functions, HR, Finance, Marketing, Admin etc., that sometimes we can stretch our time a little too thinly.

Which can then lead to some important aspects being overlooked. That’s why it’s so important to be organised, and the best way to do that is to have effective diary management.

Effective diary management is key to providing great customer service; read on to find out why.

What does effective diary management mean

By this we mean having a system that ensures that all key information is available and added to your diary each and every time you make an appointment or booking.

Responding to emails in a timely fashion, responding to incoming calls and calling back clients or potential clients.

It also includes not over booking your time, ensuring that you have enough time to get to appointments, enough time to answer emails and actually work on your business as well as working in it.

How to maintain an effective system

By adding in vital details to your diary, you can maintain easy access to client information.

This can be done by ensuring that all appointments and travel arrangements are added immediately, making time to deal with administration aspects like responding to emails, making and receiving calls and working on all aspects of your customer service journey to make sure you’ve not missed any vital steps.

It also means making sure that you don’t stack your diary from dawn till dusk, leaving no room for breaks, time for following up on incoming queries or enquiries, or time to deal with the interruptions, that inevitably happen.

Simples… right?

It sounds simple in principle, just add all your important information into your diary, ensure that you have time to follow up with clients, make new bookings etc., and you’re done.

Except it’s not that easy, especially when you are working across multiple meetings, dealing with multiple clients or potential clients, answering multiple emails all on a daily basis, etc.; all which means that making time to manage your diary effectively can be a challenge.

If emails are left unanswered or appointments not made due to time constraints then these are missed opportunities, and worse yet, could be the difference between a good reputation and a bad one. How you treat each of your clients is a reflection on your customer service reputation.

It’s worth remembering that in every business customer service is the linchpin that ensures repeat business, effective word of mouth, and a great reputation.

How to make it happen

Our top tips to effective diary management and great customer service are:

  • Don’t over book your time
  • Ensure that you are building in breaks during the day (even if it’s just 10 minutes), to give you time for a breather and re-gather
  • Either add important details into your diary as you make bookings, speak to clients etc., or make notes and at the end of the day add them into your system
  • Block out time to undertake specific tasks either each day or every other day ie. 1 hour per day working on call back, 1 hour per day working on marketing
  • Employ someone to make this happen for you – however this can be a costly option with tax, insurance, premises and pension costs added into the mix

You are not alone

If this seems overwhelming (and we totally understand this), then there is another cost-effective solution.

You could outsource this function. Not only is it a great way to save time and money, no more trying to juggle the different aspects, no tax, insurance, or pension costs; but you’ll also be getting immediate access to experts who undertake this function all the time for clients.

So, you can be working on your business, and your outsourced management can be working in your business. From diary and call management to travel arrangements, responding to emails and dealing with enquiries.

They are there to ensure that you get what you need to run a successful business with great attention to detail and, of course, great customer service.

Think it’s too costly, it may be time to think again

Whilst this may initially seem to be an expense you can’t afford, the real question is, can you afford not to invest in your business? Being proactive and ensuring that you never miss a vital lead, never late for a meeting, never forget the small things means being able to provide great customer service, and that’s priceless. Learn more about how it would work for you.

Get in touch and let us help – book a chat with Michelle and let’s explore what it can look like for your business. Book here.