Many business owners start their own business, to get away from the stresses associated with the corporate world. The problem they often find though, is the stress tends to follow them into their new business ventures. Why? Because no matter whether you work in the corporate world or for yourself, a large part of the stress you feel is down to a lack of self-care.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of working longer hours, cutting back on regular breaks and pushing yourself a little bit more – at the expense of your health and wellbeing. Business owners in particular, tend to suffer from stress, fatigue and other mental health conditions, as a result. As Startup Grind state in their article Genius in Madness?’, almost half of the entrepreneurs surveyed, admitted to struggling with at least one mental illness:

“49% of entrepreneurs surveyed were dealing with at least one mental illness (such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder,
addiction, depression, or anxiety) and about one third of entrepreneurs struggle with 2 or more mental illnesses.”

A good self-care routine not only helps keep the stress at bay, it also helps you better connect with yourself and is really good for your business.

Time for you is a non-negotiable

When you work for yourself, you are your business. It is therefore in yours and your business’ interests, to be as healthy and well as you can be – mentally and physically. The time you spend on your self-care needs to be an absolute non-negotiable. It is time you need, in order to give yourself the time and space to not only stop what you’re doing, but also to recover and recharge, as needed.

Finding time for yourself can be hard, but it is not impossible. If you want some easy tips that help you look after yourself a little more, here are some tips to help. But bear in mind, you also need to put in the work needed, to turn these tips into a routine that benefits you!

7 tips to better self-care

#1: Schedule in time for you

Setting the intention to look after yourself is not enough – you also need to block off time to actually implement action steps. Whether you opt for a daily run or a weekly massage, ensure you’re blocking out time in your calendar to take time for you.

#2: Establish a routine that works for you

Whether it’s how your working day looks or what you do during your working day, you need a work-life balance that’s right for you. You need to know when your optimal times are for working, resting and unwinding – and build a routine around them accordingly.

#3: Look after your physical and mental health

If you want a good self-care routine, you need to factor in aspects that cater for both your physical and mental health. This includes exercise, time outside, healthy eating and sleep. If you find massages or meditation work well for you, add them into your self-care regime too.

#4: Get comfortable with saying no

Women in particular, are often great at taking on everything themselves. If you want to protect your mental and physical health though, you need to learn to say no more often – regardless of whether it’s to other people, engagements you’re not excited by, or things you feel you ‘should’ do.

#5: Watch how you’re talking to (and about) yourself

Don’t underestimate how important this tip is. The way we speak to (and about) ourselves not only sets a president for how others treat us, it also impacts on how we feel about ourselves. If you want to improve your self-care, be nicer to yourself!

#6: Take a break – each day, days off and holidays

Another area business owners tend to neglect is the need for regular breaks. Whether it’s daily lunch breaks away from the laptop, days off during the week, or holidays away, time away from work, you need regular breaks. Not only is it essential for your mental and physical health, it’s also a great way to reboot your motivation and creativity too.

#7: Switch off at the end of the day – get away from electronics and work

Finally, end your day by actually walking away from work. So many business owners add to their stress levels, by not properly switching off from work. If it helps, insist on a ‘no electronics’ policy in your bedroom. Not only will this help ease your stress levels, it’s great for improving your sleep patterns too!

Many business owners start their own business, to get away from the stresses associated with the corporate world, but often find the stress follows them into their own businesses. A good self-care routine is essential to your life, regardless of whether you’re in the corporate world or working for yourself. So, use the tips above to create your own self-care routine, that protects your mental and physical health – and that truly works for you. If you’d benefit from a conversation to plan and prioritise so you can find those slots for you – then book a free session directly into my calendar. We can talk about your projects, your workload or even brainstorm out an idea to help you on your way. Looking forward to speaking – book here