Before you hire or outsource any work, you need to find the right person for the job. And it’s no different when you’re looking to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. There are certain questions you need to ask, in order to find the right Virtual Assistant for the tasks and projects you want them to complete.

As a business owner you’ll understand how valuable your time is for you. As a business owner you need to be spending the bulk of your time on projects that require your attention and expertise. Everything else needs to be either dropped or outsourced – and that’s where a Virtual Assistant comes into the picture.

Whether you’re hiring a VA to help you automate your business, help you to set up a procedures manual, or help you free up your time, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring the right Virtual Assistant for you and your business.

In our previous article you’ll have seen our 10 tips to help you choose the right Virtual Assistant for your business. Now you’ve used those tips to narrow down your selection, here’s the 7 top questions you need to ask – before you hire your Virtual Assistant.

7 Top questions to ask, before you hire a Virtual Assistant

#1: What are your core skills and qualities?

This question covers a multitude of important things – from work ethic and experience, through to qualifications, character traits and attitude to work. So make sure you spend time really understanding what makes this Virtual Assistant the right fit for your business.

#2: What security and protection do you have in place?

These are both essentials, for any business. You’re checking whether they have indemnity insurance and are registered with the ICO, but also establishing how they protect the information you give them – do they follow GDPR guidelines, and are they happy to sign a NDA (non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement)?

#3: Will you be completing the work yourself or do you outsource it?

Depending on the tasks you need completing, not all Virtual Assistants will be carrying out the work themselves. OFten, they’ll outsource tasks outside their area of expertise, to someone else on their team. If this is the case, that’s the person you need to speak with. You need to make sure you’re hiring the right person – and you can’t do that, if you’re not speaking with them.

#4: What is your turnaround period for work?

Find out what is the typical turnaround period for work – in normal and emergency situations. But also confirm that you both understand what you’re classifying as an emergency situation!

#5: What communication protocols do you have in place?

This isn’t just about replying to your emails and phone calls and what methods of communication they prefer. Many Virtual Assistants will also carry out regular review sessions and have preferred methods of staying in regular touch with clients, so they can keep clients up-to-date on their progress through tasks etc. Find out what are the standard communication protocols they prefer to work to – and if it’s suitable for you.

#6: How do you typically charge clients?

Virtual Assistants can charge clients in a variety of different ways – from package prices and hourly rates, through to per project pricing and retainer fees. So find out what their preference is – and if they charge in advance or after the work is completed.

#7: What are your terms of business?

Finally, establish what their general terms of business are. This should be advertised on their website, but it also pays to ask. You can then establish what their preferences are in terms of trial periods and minimum timescales, as well as contract period and payment processors etc.

As a business owner, your time is valuable. You therefore have to ensure you’re not wasting any time during the interview stage, and that’s where these questions will help. By having a clear understanding of what to ask a potential new Virtual Assistant, you’ll not only save time when interviewing them, but you’ll also be ensuring you’re hiring the most suitable Virtual Assistant for you and your business.

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