No matter what type of business you have, how large or how small you are, or who you serve, your business will benefit from having a certain amount of automation in place. This isn’t about letting AIs run everything and taking out human interaction/intervention – it’s about utilising the best systems and tools for the different moving parts of your business.

Automating certain operations within your business not only saves time and money, but it also enables you to streamline and improve the systems and procedures within your business.

So, if you’re ready to bring automation into your business, here’s a rundown of the different systems you can automate, as well as a breakdown of tasks this can cover.

Marketing, a key area for automation

Marketing is one of the biggest areas you can automate. Team meetings and client conference calls can be held virtually, chatbots can be set up to answer commonly asked customer questions. Automated forms can easily be used to capture leads and forward their information to your sales reps for follow up, as well as adding their details to your CRM system.

Automate your sales process

Sales automation software can be the project management hub of your sales team. From the moment a lead lands on your website, you can automate the entire sales and relationship building process. Trust can be built via your welcome email sequence, leads can be segmented out by buying preferences and/or needs, whilst those who aren’t at the buying stage can be nurtured until they’re ready.

eCommerce processes

With the ability to remind buyers of abandoned shopping carts, through to one-click upsells and extras, the buying experience of your customers can be enhanced. Automation enables you to streamline and speed up the entire eCommerce system, as well as the after-sales experience.

Maintain high customer service satisfaction

Customer service is often one of the first areas to suffer when a business is either busy or lacking in available resources. Automation enables you to pick up that slack and turn the experience into a much better one. For example, you can make it really easy for clients to contact you, request new passwords and find answers, via the use of automated chatbots or online messaging systems. You can send appointment reminders to cut down on no-shows and you can easily automate feedback and referrals, to help grow your business further.

Automate and outsource office management

With so many repetitive office tasks involved in the management of your business, automation can play a key part in streamlining the systems you use. However, there are still plenty of tasks that need human intervention – and that’s why this area is perfect for outsourcing too!

Tracking tasks, accountability and even progress can be automated, via automated to-do management software programs. The hours your Virtual Assistant has worked can be clocked automatically. Reminders, tasks and documents can be automatically updated and sent to the relevant person, whilst even elements of staff hiring can be automated.

No matter what type of business or how large or how small you are, automation can really help streamline your business systems. If you’re looking for help implementing automation in your business, or are looking to outsource any of your office tasks, why not give us a call, and see how we can help!