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We love supporting business owners as a virtual personal assistant or with marketing support. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant or business support in London to help you gain clarity and move your business forward – then let’s have a chat and see if we are a good fit for you.

We offer administrative support to small businesses which cuts your to-do list in half and also gives you time to work on your business rather than in it. As a virtual PA London, we can be your personal assistant, assisting with all those time-zapping jobs of chasing people, responses and projects.

Bringing additional support to your customer service processes we can enhance your customer experience so they keep coming back for more.

Supporting businesses in Central London we can offer social media, content creation and virtual assistant services on a day to day basis. Projects are good for us too as are one off tasks that need space and attention to complete.

With a team of virtual assistants we can ensure consistency of support as well as a variety of skills and experience for you.

With years of expertise supporting all kinds of businesses we can offer tried and tested solutions as well as brain storm new ideas for your particular business.

We offer both virtual assistant and marketing support – enabling your potential clients to see you consistently, with a voice and brand that doesn’t change by the day.

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  • Looking to grow your business but not ready to take on a full-time employee?
  • Taking it to the next level and ready to get yourself out on social media?
  • Wanting to raise your profile and gain more customers?
  • Don’t want to do more admin and marketing?
  • Are these your questions and looking for answers?

Are you looking for some help – but not really sure what to expect? Take a look at what you’re doing, how long it’s taking and how much you love the stuff you do. Are you ready to half that list and do the stuff you really love?

Working with a virtual assistant brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills – why wouldn’t you add that to your team?


Business support, London in the form of an accountability buddy is included.

We love to work as part of a business team.

Have you found that spending quality family time has been limited – or it’s all about the business? Work with Virtual Hand and get some time back – you won’t be sorry.

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