Business goals, we all set them when we first start out in business. For many business owners, setting new goals is an annual thing. But let me ask you – are you on track with your business goals? Are you tracking your progress and taking stock of where you are, with achieving those goals, and are you even on the right path?

It’s crucial to your business success, that you track your business goals as you progress forward. So if you need a little help, here’s a breakdown of some of the best questions you can ask yourself, to review your progress and ensure you’re on track!

Ask yourself the right questions

If you want to stay on track with your business goals, you need to start, by taking stock of how you feel about your business. Why? Because if you’re not emotionally invested in your business goals, you’re not going to achieve them. Here are a few questions to get started.

Are you doing what you love?

If you don’t love or even like, what you’re doing, you’re not going to give it your all.

If you could do this for free, would you?

Assessing whether you’d continue if you weren’t paid, is a good way to help pinpoint any potential areas of concern with your audience or type of work you’re doing.

How do you feel your business is doing?

When used in conjunction with the factual results you have, this question helps bring to light any limitations or disconnects you have around your business.

What about your big picture goal – are you on track?

Do you have a big picture goal to connect in with? Do you visualise it regularly and use it to get excited about what you’re doing and where you’re headed? Or do you need to pick a new big picture goal?

Review your business progress so far

Once you’ve checked you’re in emotional alignment with your business, you can look back at what you’ve achieved and see how far you’ve come. Here are a few questions to help you review your business progress so far.

Do you have clear and trackable goals in place?

If you don’t have trackable goals, you can’t track where you’re going or how far along the journey you are!

How on track are you so far?

When you look back at your progress, are you on track? Did you do everything you needed, (in terms of projects, targets and goals) to get you to this point in your year?

Did you celebrate your wins?

Have you acknowledged and celebrated your wins along the way or are you ignoring them because they’re too small or you’re too scared to acknowledge them?

Can you see what got you the results you received?

What behaviours, habits and actions did you implement, to get the results you have? And are they serving you or hindering you?

Make the necessary changes, to reach your business goals

You’ve checked in with how you’re feeling, and reviewed your progress so far. Now it’s time to make course adjustments to ensure you reach your business goals for the year. These questions should help you make the changes you need, to reach your business goals.

Do you need to adjust anything, to achieve your goals?

Your goals, your mindset, your actions – is there anything you need to change, improve or adjust?

Do you have everything you need to achieve your goals?

Are there additional tools and resources you need, to reach your goals or do you have everything you need in place?

Is there anything you need to drop and let go of?

This can cover a multitude of different things – from goals and plans, through to products, clients, mindsets and attitudes.

Carry out a regular review on your progress

You’ve reviewed your progress and made the necessary changes you need, to reach your goals. The final step to help you achieve your business goals is to commit to tracking your progress as you move forward. Here are the steps you need to do that.

Have a regular check-in with yourself

Commit to weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews, so you can track your progress and celebrate your wins. Remember to check your progress, but also how you feel about your results and your direction.

Track your progress as you go

It’s much easier to track your progress as you go, rather than saving it up until the end of the year! Not only will this keep you on track, but it will also motivate you to keep going. Typically, you’ll need to track the financial aspects of your business, as well as each department, and the people within your business and the results they’re achieving.

Make adjustments as you progress

Finally, remember to make adjustments as you go. If you decide you have a mindset issue you need to work on or a course you need to do, in order to move closer to your business goals, don’t drop everything to work on those things. Instead, look to work on them simultaneously. That way, you’re not hindering your forward progress, as you work on issues that arise. Remember, it takes less effort to steer something in motion, than to try and get it started once it’s stopped!

Here at Virtual Hand we can be that ‘business check-in’ for you. Asking, challenging those decisions, results and progress on business goals and aspirations. Book a call to see how we can do that for you.