I’ve a Black Friday deal for 2023. Not really done this before so trying to find out what you’re all looking for – what would make the difference to you and your business?

I’ve picked something that I believe every business should be investing in, well, to be honest I’ve partnered two very effective services that I know will both give back time, increase engagement and sky rocket your visibility with your audience, your clients and your prospects. What’s not to love?

Working with a team enables so many things to happen within a business – more opportunities, more resource and more skills and expertise on which to draw on. Me personally I love to work with others, learning what they do, how it comes about and what opportunities are out there for little ole me and my small business. Growing my network of resources and people to call on when I have a need.Black Friday offer

Here it is then – outsourcing for me is key, for every business so my package starts with VA Support and what that looks like could be different to everyone. Email management, proofreading, updating documents, creating/extracting data, chasing money – what would be the best for you?

I’ve coupled this with your first email marketing broadcast – we can upload data to your list, create a template, research content, create images and finally send out your communication. I’ve added this complimentary addition as I know how effective it is for EVERY business.

So, can I tempt you? I have just 10 of these Black Friday deals available and given you a couple of months to use it too. Bargain I hear you say and I know you’ll love it!

Do get in touch if it’s of interest.