“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”

The famous words of Henry Ford are the perfect way to describe collaboration.  Working together with other people within your own industry.  Perhaps an individual or group of people that compliment your area of expertise. Growing together, expanding your skill set and ultimately leading to success.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller

We can achieve great things as individuals, let’s not underestimate that. However, when you work as a complimenting team, the only directions you can really go are up and forward. Working together in harmony and offering services that can help your business attract more clients and gain bigger contracts.

For example, a Graphic Designer may simply just focus on the element of graphic design. If you pair them up with a Web Developer, think how many more opportunities open up! A client may go to a Graphic Designer for assistance with their business logo and branding, which could then lead onto the development of obtaining a website, and that’s where the Web Developer steps in. You could then take that one step further and have a specialist in printing join your collaboration dream team. Then what about someone that specialises in marketing? Watch it grow!

Most people like to be referred to a business that can help them through word of mouth. A business or individual who has already proved their reputation and provided satisfactory results. Therefore, when you collaborate with a complimentary service, you have that recommendation ready to offer.

There are many teams that work together well. Beauticians and hairdressers, Solicitors and transcribers, Online Marketing Consultants and Bloggers, HR consultants and Virtual Assistants. In fact, a Virtual Assistant can pretty much compliment any business profession if they require general administrative support.  A lot of VAs also specialise within a certain niche and so therefore can collaborate well in a supporting role within that profession.

The definition of collaboration in the Oxford English Dictionary is:-

Noun: The action of working with someone to produce something.

A clear and precise meaning but implied is the endless amount of opportunity in the word ‘something’!  Make that ‘something’ work for you. Build your team, collaborate and watch your business soar.

Think about good collaborators for your business and seek them out.


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