Guest blogging is a great way of getting in front of other people’s audiences.

I don’t mean working with others in your field; I mean finding people who serve your ideal client too and using their platforms to Guest Blog on your expertise. You will be helping her customers who in turn will look you up too!

First of all identify who would have the same customers as you – ie if you’re trying to reach dog owners because you do grooming; perhaps team up with a dog trainer or someone who creates dog coats. Does that make sense?

Now do be selective of who you blog for – are they credible, do they do good work, do their customers rave about them? All these questions need to be answered positively or they won’t be a good match for your brand.

Then approach them and ask if you can guest blog for them. This means creating something new for their audience that would add value to their service. As you know duplicating content on one site on to another confuses Google and would downgrade the original piece (that is perhaps on your website). Look to create something fresh and specifically for her followers.

Also return the favour – ask her to Guest Blog for you too. Adding value is definitely a plus in my world when it comes to business.

Guest Blogging is a great way of getting seen and raising your profile.  Don’t be afraid of getting out there and sharing your knowledge – we all know that the ‘Like-Know-Trust’ elements are speeded up with blogging and with a Guest Blog it is so much more.  This is a new audience and may well catapult you and your business onto another level. Doing it consistently (monthly) will raise that bar every time.

Go on, have a go! People love Guest Bloggers as it saves them writing one!

Let me know who you would love to blog for and go over and ask them!