You’ve worked hard to get your business to the current level of success you’re experiencing. Whether you’ve reached your current financial goal or hit client capacity, you may be wondering where you can go from here. It can be difficult working out how you can gain more business growth without working more hours than you already are.

But the good news is it can be done! Here’s how you can gain the growth you want without eating into your downtime, your family time or your already packed schedule!

1) Allocate time to work on your business

If you want business growth, you need to allocate time to work on your business. It’s all too easy to get stuck working in it when now’s the time you need to step back and work on it. So, allocate a regular slot to work on your business plans and goals. To look at the processes and systems you’ve used to get to this point, and to plan what you need to do to improve, streamline and automate them further.

2) Know where you’re headed

You may feel that you’ve already hit your goals, and that’s great. But now’s the time to choose a new direction to head in or a goal to achieve. So, create a clear plan and hold yourself accountable for those goals. That could be to scale up your business, add additional revenue streams into it, or maintain the level of success you’ve already achieved. But no matter what your goals, you’re always going to need a path to follow and a set of specific action steps to get you there.

3) Focus on the essentials of business growth

If you want to gain business growth without working more hours, ensure you’re focusing on the essentials. First up, focus on making sales. If you’re at capacity, create a waitlist or hire some help. Your customers are another essential, so focus on providing the best possible level of customer service as they follow their customer journey with you. And then work on how you deliver your service. Are you doing all you can to make it enjoyable and exceeding your customer’s expectations? And of course, no business can do without marketing – it’s another business essential. Constantly be tracking, monitoring and improving your marketing results.

And when it comes to essentials, don’t forget your own mindset! You’re the person behind your business, so you need to be at your best too. Work on your mindset, and don’t underestimate the importance of positivity and gratitude in your business.

4) Consistent action leads to business success and growth

Consistency is key to any business growth. You cannot monitor and track results if you’re not consistent in your actions. You can’t establish if something is working for you if you don’t do it often enough. Consistent actions allow you to become aware of what is and isn’t working. It’s also essential for building customer relationships, raising levels of trust in your business and branding, and achieving better results and even more growth.

But also consistency helps you develop better routines and gain momentum. Habits are born from consistency, and expectations can be set from it too.

5) If you want business growth, have a team/outsource

You may have started your business on your own, but you cannot grow and scale it further if you don’t have a team in place. Outsourcing is a great way to do this, as it helps keep staffing costs down, so know what you can delegate and outsource in your business.

When it comes to creating a team, think about who you need to hire to achieve your goals. At a minimum, you need a Virtual Assistant to help you with the administrative side of your business. But also consider a business mentor and Online Business Manager too. One will help you improve as an individual and business owner, whilst the other will help you manage and implement the steps needed to further grow your business.

You don’t need to be working all the hours of your day to improve your business growth. It’s often a combination of working smarter and being more strategic with the tasks you do yourself, as well as ensuring you have the right team around you.

If you’re looking to free up your time, lighten your to-do list and grow a team, let’s talk. We can discuss how working with Michelle can help you be more in control and outsource with ease with us here at Virtual Hand. We can be the perfect solution for you and your business. Book for your free, exploratory call here.