Recent research suggests that 1 in 5 people experience some form of anxiety at work. Although it’s considered normal to feel a little pressure from time to time, chronic stress can lead to more complicated health problems. Reducing anxiety levels will not only improve people’s professional lives, but personal lives too.

Virtual assistants are great for businesses that need extra support without hiring a full-time employee. They can handle an array of administrative duties, freeing up staff to focus on top priority tasks and their own careers. So, how can virtual assistants help ‘debug’ stress levels?

Offload Admin Stress

It’s often the insignificant tasks that get in the way of employees keeping up with their workload. Virtual assistants are there to step in when staff are feeling overwhelmed. They can perform a variety of administrative tasks such as email management, diary scheduling, and data entry.

They can also adopt roles once considered a shared responsibility in the office. Assigning communal jobs to a virtual assistant stops them from falling on someone else’s shoulders or being neglected. Employees can focus on their own job roles and be free from extra responsibilities.

You can rely on VAs to handle everything with precision and prioritise jobs. By providing support, they can help reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, and a boost in productivity. This will translate outside the office, i.e., a better work-life balance, and an improved mood.

Promote Work Flexibility

The introduction of hybrid working has many benefits for both employers and employees. Businesses will have better staff retention when employees can enjoy flexibility in their work schedules and create a better work life balance. VAs can contribute to this by accommodating to any schedule and working around the clock.

If staff hours are altered from the normal 9-5, a VA can work outside of this. They can ensure that important emails, rescheduled meetings, and incoming calls are answered. In fact, they can work at a time that suits you best. This would be advantageous for businesses working with clients in different time zones

It’s a great choice for companies with everchanging workloads or seasonal demands, who can’t commit to a full-time employee. Instead, their round-the-clock support can be relied upon if, and when it’s needed. Having a reliable skilled assistant on standby can reduce anxiety levels and provide peace of mind.

Providing Support

Virtual assistants can also provide personalised support. They act as a listening ear and offer tips or suggest tools on how employees can improve work management. They can share their knowledge and teach staff skills that will ignite confidence in their abilities.

Letting a VA take over anxiety-inducing tasks helps employees feel in control and less overwhelmed. Answering the phone or rescheduling a meeting should be a five-minute job, but it can be time-consuming and disruptive to workflow. This is something that could be passed on to a trained virtual assistant.

Ongoing support will boost morale and give staff a sense of independence knowing they have fewer things to worry about.

Other Benefits

Outsourcing help can be great for business. Here are some reasons why hiring a virtual assistant can save money in the long run and increase overall office productivity.

  • No training costs: VAs are already equipped with a wide range of skills and expertise. There is less need to hire staff or train existing employees, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Lower rent: there’s no office space or equipment required for remote workers. This equates to saving money on rent, utilities, and stationary.
  • Business booming: handling administrative tasks that would otherwise take up valuable time and resources will help redirect focus on income-generating tasks, leading to more profit.
  • Hourly pay: hire for a specific project or task, rather than paying a salary for ongoing work. This is much cheaper than a full-time employee with benefits (e.g. health insurance, holiday, and retirement plans).
  • Less sick leave: with anxiety reduced, businesses will have a more attentive workforce. There will be fewer absences, and a lower staff turnover.

In Conclusion

Virtual assistants aren’t just for business benefit, they can also be an invaluable wellbeing resource. With their flexibility, expertise and personalised support, VA’s can help ‘de-bug’ our busy lives. They can bring balance back into the workplace and help whenever needed.

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Guest Blog by Holly Dodd, Freelance Writer