Are you harnessing the power of your prospect journey? It would be fair to say that most businesses will spend an incredible amount of time developing their Vision & Value Statements, Standard Operating Procedures and a number of other training and development documents and videos, etc.

The Prospect Journey stands head and shoulders above many of these in importance for the success of your business, yet it likely gets filed away with all the rest.

We believe that your Prospect Journey process is fundamental to the success of your business. It not only defines the consistency of lead conversion but sets the path to your customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the clarity around a well-formed Prospect Journey creates a solid place to work from for every one of your team, across all departments.

This topic; Harnessing the power of your prospect journey is one of our favourites and we could write a book on the value of a comprehensive Prospect Journey. However, here we will consider 3 vital actions to implement to harness the effectiveness of your well-crafted Prospect Journey.


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1. Make it part of your induction plan

For you and your team, every detail of your Prospect Journey should be so familiar that it flows through every part of what you do, every day.

More than a forced smile or a ‘positive attitude’ to the people in your business, your Prospect Journey will unpack how you want each lead to feel and what they perceive of the brand, in every interaction.

Introduce it in each person’s induction and make it a part of any appraisals going forward.


2. Review your Prospect Journey regularly

With the world moving at such an extraordinary pace, people’s expectations change as quickly as the available software or the latest iphone. Likewise, it’s a really good idea to set a date to regularly review the processes (annually is a great start) and steps involved in your Prospect Journey.

Only one glitch in the pipeline – a missed email, a grumpy phone call, a mistimed follow-up, could mean a lost Prospect.

In contrast, keeping the flow of how leads are drawn into the vibe and rhythm of your brand and what it does so well, could scale your lead conversions dramatically. These days, there’s no room to just ‘maintain’ brand presence and your current customer count but there is plenty of space to leverage a well-oiled operation that excels in their expertise.

Prior to your regular check-ins, carry out brief surveys, analyse recent reviews, get feedback from your team, to understand just how effective your current methods are.


3. Display it Everywhere

Your Prospect Journey is a guarantee of excellence. It says to your team and the world, “We mean business.”

By making key aspects of this process part of your marketing message and displaying them in prominent areas of your staff areas, they stand as a statement of fact.

An authentic process is nothing to hide.

Your Prospect Journey expresses your dedication to inviting those on the outside, into a world you and your team love being part of.

You are promising them an experience.

You are telling them you will not just provide the solution to what they’re looking for, but that your team will make the moments they spend with you, something special.

To be honest, that’s what we’re all looking for, aren’t we?


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