It’s great when you set up a new course or develop some new materials but what about reviewing course material after or before each session – are we just as good at that part of it?

Reviewing is part of the overall evaluation of a course; what went well, what didn’t and was there anything that came up that you could include/exclude next time?

Luckily for some trainers the content won’t change much – although may change with the seasons and availability (for those flower arrangers of us) but for those that deliver such topics as IT or Social Media the industry is ever changing and your materials really do need to be updated – or at least a cursory glance after each course or before the next one.

Is this one of those jobs that get left until the last minute – or you do as you deliver the next course and realise figures and/or information is out of date?

There are a few things you can do to make this task a little easier to manage:

  • Prepare a template for each presentation/handout/leaflet (or course) with the changing items being identified – that way it is a matter of updating the sheet and you can then outsource the actual inclusion into your materials. This would also help the outsource person to nudge you when it needs doing before the next course.
  • Put a block of time into your diary for when you need to prep for up and coming courses – clearly identifying the things that need to be done; such as updating materials, checking location, ensuring you have enough copies, promoting courses, etc.
  • Include questions in your evaluation sheet asking for improvements for your materials as well as feedback on the quality, content and usefulness of those materials.
  • Identify links on specific materials which can be checked prior to delivery and updated accordingly.

Being current and up to date is essential in our fast moving society; providing the materials to support our training are part of this.

How have you managed this aspect of your training?

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