Do you find keeping on top of your social media a time-consuming task?

Do you let it lapse then go back to it sporadically or are you religious about keeping it on track?

Imagine being able to hand it over to a Virtual Assistant to take care of. Bliss! Your very own Social Media VA.

Here are 5 ways a VA can take care of your online presence.

Regularly Updating all your Platforms

Keeping the conversation going with your audience is important for maintaining your visibility. Being part of the conversation with your peers and clients, sharing your knowledge, tips all adds value to your brand. Your VA can compose a schedule to ensure this gets done on a consistent basis.

Spreading the Word

New product or service to launch? Let your VA work with you get the message out there. Tell them who it’s aimed at, why its good and how to find it. Then leave it all up to them to spread the message far and wide.

Monitoring Activity

No time to reply to tweets or welcome new followers? No problem, that’s why you have a Virtual Assistant on hand. Let them respond on your behalf, keep track of new followers and also answer questions or requests that come in via social media.

Creating Engaging Content

Having a regular style and theme to your posts can help them to feel familiar and appealing to your audience. A Virtual Assistant can create these for you, drawing up a schedule of when to post and what to post. There are plenty of platforms available to schedule posts in advance, they can also be used to respond to posts and find out what’s new in your social world.

Measure Success

A common VA task is using social media platforms to measure what’s working and what’s not. When is the best time to post to get maximum engagement? Which style of posting appeals most on different platforms? Are visual posts better than non-visual? All of these key indicators can be compiled and converted in to a monthly at a glance report to give you an straight forward over view.

So, if you think Virtual Hand could help with some or all of the elements for you and your business, get in touch for a free discovery call.