Streamlining isn’t something that you automatically implement into your business. It’s a process you have to actively work to implement, if you want to grow. It’s easy as an entrepreneur to get stuck in your ways. You have a certain way of doing things in your business, and over time, those processes then become habits.

But how do you know that those processes and systems are still working for you? How do you know that those habits are the best way to work? And how do you know whether you even need to improve it? Are you putting a band-aid on your existing solutions, when you need to be auditing and streamlining them?

Why do you even need to think about streamlining your business?

Often, those initial processes were created from a place of need. You needed processes in place to complete certain tasks. But as time and experience kick in, things change. Your business grows and gets busier. Software, tools and resources become outdated or superseded with newer options. Efficiency and productivity can decline, especially if you’re not monitoring the systems and processes you’re using.

And that’s why you need to be thinking about streamlining your business. Streamlining simply means improving the efficiency of your processes. Can they be simplified? Are there any unnecessary tasks that can be removed? Will a process benefit from being automated? It’s about reducing your workload and making your business more efficient.

You can’t streamline if you don’t know your current position

So if you’re looking to get some answers, you need to start by understanding your current position. Carry out an audit on your systems, processes, tech and staff. Get everything down on paper, so you can see exactly what you’ve got and how it all works.

What are your future plans?

Now take a look at where you want to be. What are your future plans? When it comes to reaching those goals you have in mind, can your current way of doing things work for you? Do you have the capacity and staff to realistically reach those goals? Are you even looking into streamlining your business, or are you happy for your efficiency and productivity levels to stay the same?

Making do isn’t a practical solution if you’re looking for growth

Now be honest with yourself. Are you jeopardising your future plans because you’re trying to make do? Are you stuck in a money-saving mindset, where you’re making do with ineffective solutions? Are you minimising your growth because of your fears around expanding or automating?

How much time are you currently using, trying to get your different tech solutions to play nicely with each other? Do you find yourself implementing yet another additional plugin? What about your processes themselves? Are you confusing everyone with more spreadsheets and meetings, trying to stick with your way of doing things? Are you asking the people directly involved in your different processes for their feedback on potential improvements and upgrades? What do they need to make their job easier?

What solutions are best for your business?

If what you’re doing is working for you, great! But be honest with yourself. Is it time to look for better solutions, hire someone to manage your tech or get someone in to implement better systems and processes for you?

Sometimes it needs a fresh pair of eyes on your business to help identify the weaknesses and sticking points. Getting someone to audit your processes for you is a great way to find the best solutions for your business. Because often, you may be too stuck in your own ways to see alternatives.

And that’s when you need to decide if you’re the one holding your business back. You may be too invested in keeping things the same, as that’s what’s been working for you. By not focusing on your strengths or ignoring your own limitations, you could be keeping yourself from reaching the very goals you’re setting yourself to achieve.

Streamlining isn’t something that you automatically implement into your business. It’s a process you have to actively work to implement. And that involves being able to step back and look at things objectively, getting the advice of others and asking for feedback from your team.

Because simply putting a band-aid on your existing solutions isn’t going to be an efficient or productive way forward. If you want your business to scale and grow, streamlining has to become a part of your overall business strategy.

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