When you decide that PR is going to be your ‘way to market’ there’s some work to be done before getting published. Do check out my earlier post on PR Checklist to help you with the research and planning needed when PR is your medium of choice.

But let’s talk about the journalists – what you need to do to find the ones that will publish you, like what you write and support your business.

Who you target is really down to who you want to reach and what your message is. But once that’s sorted you need to identify who you’re going to seek out, stalk, connect with, build a relationship with and send your PR pieces to – in the knowledge that they know you, support you and will use your pieces on a regular basis. It’s a slow burn.


Research is essential on what is out there – which areas you are going to target. Take a look at these:

  • Local press – from the area where the business is based
  • Specialist press – the sector
  • Specialist press – from the people that benefit from the information
  • Consumer press – mainstream opportunities
  • National press – is it relevant to the wider audience

When you’ve looked at what is out there; next step:

  • Get back copies
  • Listen in to radio/TV stations
  • Review the stories
  • Ask yourself – can you tailor your stories for their readership?


  • Get the contact information of the editor, journalist/s that would be your contact – business, locality etc
  • Seek out their deadlines, publishing calendars
  • Create your own PR calendar
  • Pitch your ideas to the editor/journalist – give them an overview – find out what they are looking for
  • Create the pieces that they are looking for

Fine tune your pieces, call and discuss, email and build that relationship. Be the one they contact when they are looking for something in your arena. Be the one that they contact for ‘expert opinions’. Be the one that they seek out for a column/regular post; in the long term.

Working with the media is highly rewarding – a PR specialist will be able to guide you, bring results quicker as they have contacts, know the process and know what a ‘good story’ looks like. Check out Ellan of Sixty7 PR and Colette of Chew PR.

Enjoy, have fun and include PR in your marketing mix. I’d love to hear of your successes. Comment below.

Michelle x