What is your definition of proofreading?

If you were to enlist someone to provide you with proofreading services, what would you expect to receive?

Your main objective is to get your document or publication out to your audience at the highest quality. There’s no room for simple spelling or grammar mistakes and so turning to someone to tidy up your creation and cast a fine over in quality, tends to be what you are looking for.

Sometimes a little further investigation may be required. Perhaps you want someone to do a little ‘fact checking’ just to make sure anything that you may have quoted is correct or any references that you have implemented into your text are those that are also of a high quality and reputable.

Proofreading can often be based on visual appearance instead of content. Making sure that presentation and consistency in formatting is continued throughout and that images and layout compliment the content.

Below is a list of just some of the few tasks that proof-readers will be able to do for you as well as what we have already mentioned above.

  • Review that you have page numbers and headings
  • Make sure the style is consistent
  • The obvious spelling and grammar
  • Make sure any hyperlinks are correct
  • Identify changes and make suggestions for improvement
  • Make sure any content tables are correct and align with their respective page numbers.

We don’t need to tell you the impact that a poorly published document or article can have. If your business provides a service that requires attention to detail, how is it going to look if your latest blog post is full of typos! (We’ll be going back over this post before we publish it, of course!)

If you are looking for your own personal proof-reader, Virtual Hand can provide you with proofreading services that will provide you with the confidence in getting your content out to your audience, error free.

Time spent on investing in quality, consistent and accurate communication is paramount when it comes to your product or service.

Don’t let a small error lose you big opportunities.

Michelle Poole





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