Once upon a time making phone calls for business purposes could prove extremely expensive, especially if you had clients overseas. The monthly phone bill would arrive with a rather hefty sum associated to dialling international numbers and your monthly expenditure would take quite the hit when it came to telephone services.

Most of the time calls would be subject to lengthy delays as the conversation zoomed its way back and forth the telephone line, making it difficult to communicate and often frustrating for both parties to the call.

With the advance in technology, this problem has reduced significantly and one of the first fantastic pieces of software that people became familiar with both in business and in pleasure was and still is, Skype.

“Skype keeps the world talking. Call, message and share whatever you want for free.”

There are many benefits to using Skype. It’s not just about keeping your business expenses low; it’s also about efficient, real-time communication. The days of video conferencing being just a future dream are well and truly upon us. We are able to conduct meetings with numerous attendees from all over the globe without anyone having to leave the office. Although this is an obvious cost saving, it is also a huge time saving benefit, which in turn contributes to a more productive work flow. It’s invaluable.

We can’t talk about Skype without mentioning just how wonderful a tool it is at bringing long distance family and friends closer together. So many people are now travelling, not only on a personal level but for business purposes too and this can mean weeks of being ‘on the road’ or spending time overseas. Now the distance doesn’t have to seem so far because we can hop on a video call and feel as though we are still in the same room as our nearest and dearest. It really does shorten the distance.

If you are running a virtual or on-line business then Skype is an absolute must have! It’s almost as though it’s an expected form of communication, not only for internal business use but also as a means of client contact. It enables you to provide a service to your clients or customers resulting in little expense on their behalf. Nobody likes to ring an expensive premium line number when they need to speak to their service provider, so start off on the right foot with your clients by offering them low cost communication options.

As a Virtual Assistant, utilising tools such as Skype to communicate is a contribution to a successful business. If you would like to find out more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you with your business needs, then I would love to arrange a Skype consultation with you to explore your requirements. All you need to do is drop me a comment below or visit my Facebook page to get in touch.

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