If you are a trainer you may be asked for a Bio for your events or you may wish to have one in your promotional materials and for the reader to find out a bit about you. Writing a Bio is an art – there are things you can include, show your personality but most importantly it must be you.

Where to start and what should it include?

How long (word count)

Deciding what it is for will determine the length. You may wish to produce a few for different mediums (course literature, twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite event ad, sending to prospective clients, etc).

What to include

The first sentence should sum up your professional experience in one line; with the following lines providing background details that support and clarify the first sentence.

Basic information should include those details you want the audience to know about you. This could include birthplace, family circumstances, hobbies, education and accomplishments.

Provide additional information about your training – how it is delivered, materials available and include links to your website and other products available to be purchased. Perhaps provide a little known fact or insider information which will intrigue the audience further.

Include your achievements; starting with those from the beginning of your career and ending with your most recent success stories.

Who is the audience?

Finding out about your audience will enable you to provide the right introduction – where are they from, why are they there, are they professionals, your peers or outsiders.

What are the audience looking for?

Finding out what they are expecting will enable you to provide something general, specific, entertaining or just to inform.

How should it be written?

Your bio should be written in the third person and ensure it is spelt correctly with grammar and sentence structure being paid close attention to.

Lots to think about but it will make a difference to your audience and provide the right level of credibility and experience to help people to make the decision to enquire or in fact book you.

I’d love to hear where a Bio has projected you further than you thought (perhaps in miles!) or where it let you down because it wasn’t up to date or compelling enough.

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