Websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be potent marketing tools. They can also help grow your business quickly. In this guide, we look at five simple tips of how you can achieve this using social media.

1. Use company branding consistently

Businesses often fail to realize that branding should be an important part of social media. A social media account for a business isn’t a personal thing. It is still an outlet to represent your business, its brand, and its reputation.

As a result, you must use branding consistently in your social media profiles and posts. You can use things like a logo generator or online graphic design platforms to produce dedicated social media images containing your logo and color schemes, for example. The more you can represent your brand in your posts, the more it will be reinforced to your customers.

2. Add polls and questions to your posts

Many platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to add polls to your posts. These are simple widgets where you enter a question, and a series of answers. Your followers can then react to the poll and vote on the outcome.

This is a simple thing that can generate interest and activity in your business. The questions can also be used to gain real market insight to boost the effectiveness of your products in the future. For example, you could create polls relating to new product releases. If you use polls in your posts, make sure to publicize the results too – people love to see if they choose the winning answer!

3. Create giveaways/promotions for followers

A brilliant marketing tool is to create exclusive promotions and giveaways for your social media followers. These things have a dual purpose.

Firstly, they promote your business and show its generosity – they should also lead to more sales. Secondly, you can use these giveaways to boost your social media activity and promote user growth.

For example, you could hold a giveaway only for people who follow your business on Facebook. This could be taken one step further. You could also stipulate that they have to like the post, and share it with five of their friends.

4. Make use of live streaming features

Live streaming and creating short videos is incredibly popular today with platforms like Tik Tok. Other social media platforms also have this feature like Instagram stories and Facebook live.

This live content is a brilliant way to promote your business, and to boost your customer engagement. You could hold a weekly Q&A session, for example via a live social media stream. Alternatively, you could make some fun short videos relating to your business and its products. Be creative and have fun with it!

5. Create exciting and interesting content

The last and most important thing to remember is to make interesting content! No one wants to read social media posts that are simply a product description, or a link to your website. The content must be engaging. It must give something useful to the reader, or make them laugh.

This can be the most difficult thing, but it is vital if you want your social media marketing to be useful. You can do things like commenting on current trends, using memes in your posts, or even making jokes. Be creative but make your social media posts engaging!



Social media is an excellent method of marketing. When used correctly, it can do wonders for your business. The above five tips should really help. The key is to put in that little extra effort to make your social media profiles work! If we can help with guidance on content, where and when do get in touch.