What IS a Virtual Assistant … And what do we do all day?

I get asked this just about every time I tell someone that this is the field I’m working in. It’s not an easy job to explain in just a few words. Every day brings new and different tasks, a VA certainly needs many strings to their bow.

So, I thought I would give 5 examples of how a VA uses their time to assist clients on a daily, weekly or, one off basis.

Social Media

Not as simple as it sounds. There are so many platforms out there that a VA quickly has to learn to be proficient in as many as possible.

Looking after a client’s social media often requires scheduling posts for the future and clients usually have very different styles of posting. Informative posts and a generally business-like tone for LinkedIn but a chattier and personal approach on Facebook. Hitting the right notes is key for a successful and engaging campaign.

Business Personal Assistant

Gone are the days when your PA needs to be in the office, as long as you have a link so their online diary and some key information, you’re good to go. I keep a crib sheet for all my clients with their preferred way of doing things and use a password vault (LastPass) application for sharing financial details and other passwords. Tasks are varied, but booking meetings, making travel arrangements and even paying parking tickets are common requests.

Concierge Personal Assistant

Works similar to the above but this is most often helping busy, working parents to organise their home life. Ordering clothes/gifts/tickets. Booking restaurants/holidays and hotels are common too. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re helping to reduce a client’s stress levels from the comfort of your desk.


Taking an audio file and converting to a written document is a great time saver for clients. In general, these are meeting notes or review meetings. You need a good ear for details, especially when the client’s field is quite technical.


One of my favourites. I love receiving a new project or topic to research. An area I’ve never thought about before, digging under the surface, finding that venue, supplier, route to market. I’ve worked on so many varied projects from micro-breweries to magicians!


So, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how a VA can be working in the background to support you. Helping you by freeing up your time to get stuck in to the parts of your business that only you can do.

Which of these services would be the most valuable to you?

Anna – Part of the Virtual Hand team.