Your VA is a PA … who was a PA who has morphed into a VA with PA skills.


Is this how you see VAs?

I’m here to tell you they are so much more and everyone is different to the next. They can be categorised in so many different ways:

  • Location
  • Services
  • Expertise
  • Sector experience
  • Vision for their business
  • Team around them
  • Their network

So, next time you see a VA – don’t dismiss them as ‘just a PA’.

You see, PAs are not just diary and email management experts – they may love the organising of extensive business trips which include hotels, conferences, meetings, flights, visas, meals, etc. Or prefer the Office Management role which includes facilities management, procurement, being responsible for staff and being the POC for a host of different business partners, or they may be the IT geek who sorts out all the computers and telecommunications of the office, or links all the new staff up with their technology.

Any person in any role is never identical to another person in a similar role. Each individual is an individual and will bring personal and specific skills to the table to enhance your business. Growing your team by using a VA is not a bad move to make.

With their own experience, network and running their own business they will bring a host of support to you and your business. Working with another business owner allows you to discuss the bigger picture, the impact on working practices and the overall effort required.

I love to talk to my clients, and potential ones more so, to sign post them to others in my network, regale stories of work carried out, successes and failures, to see where you can benefit; even if it’s not by directly working with Virtual Hand. So, do get in touch for a chat.

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Michelle Poole