Succeeding in business is hard! There’s no getting away from it and tbh if it wasn’t so hard; imagine the competition! More people would be doing it.

There is so much help around but then there are so many barriers – some may be applicable to you, some may not.

Check out these: 10 Obstacles and every single one of them is YOU.  5 Barriers and every single one of them is down to YOU. 6 Barriers and every single one of them your responsibility.

WOW that was an eye opener. You are the key to your success or failure. Or was it? We all know that if we want to succeed; we’ve got to get out of our way and do it. Take action and achieve our dreams, create the paths and walk the walk, talk the talk and succeed.

Although you are the key to your success it does not mean you must go it alone. Building a team can mean growing your doers or growing your support network. Both are needed to grow a business and get to your success (whatever that might mean).

My recommendation is to look to your circle and beyond for help. I’d also recommend reducing your circle of those that are not ‘with you’. No-one needs negativity and nay-sayers in our lives, bringing us down and ultimately squashing our dreams.

Here are 5 tips to getting help for your business success.

Family and friends

These can sit on either side of the fence – they can be your biggest supporters and helpers, or they can bring us down to rock bottom. Choose them well and ditch them if they are just not doing it for you and your business success. This may be difficult but just reducing the impact of their negativity can help. Restrict the opportunities to get together, reduce the number of conversations and distance yourself.

Like Minded Business Owners

Many business owners have their own circle of support within the business arena. It could be the business next door, your college friend that has also set up business, a local networking group, a mastermind or select few that get together regularly to challenge, hold you accountable and support your business endeavours. Find your group, show your fellow members that you are there for them, offer assistance/guidance and they will reciprocate. As your business grows your group may change depending on your challenges, industry and goals.

The power of the internet

There is so much information available – the world wide web, You Tube, audio books, podcasts – it truly is massive, and you could spend all your time learning but there is always the requirement to put it into practice. It’s all about the action from your learnings. The balance needs to be made. No matter what your learning style you will find your medium and learn so much.

Business Coach

Someone who has been in your shoes, knows the pitfalls and can guide you to your best decisions. This person may change as your business changes and your challenges change. Finding the right one at the right time is essential in moving towards your goals as quickly as possible. Can you talk openly, is nothing taboo? Being comfortable talking about the challenges and reaching a solution can be emotional as it can uncover past events/emotions that are holding you back. Be brave and break through to your success.


Just ask. People are so happy to help and to be asked a question where you can help is so rewarding and a privileged position to be in. Ask online, offiline and every person you meet. Getting different perspectives is eye opening and will certainly help you to make decisions. Own those decisions and regularly be accountable to them.


Thanks – and always feel happy to ask me!

Michelle Poole