Do you keep in touch with past clients? It’s something that’s really worth you doing. After all, you work really hard to get new leads and clients into your business. It seems only natural that you’ll want to stay relevant in their lives, regardless of whether they’re still working with you.

We recently looked into 5 reasons to stay in touch with your existing clients (blog here), which leads to the next question. Once clients are no longer working with you, how on earth do you keep in touch with them?

So it seemed only fair that we covered that too! So here are 7 simple ways to keep in touch with past clients.

#1: Share their special occasions

Depending on the information you have on your clients, celebrating their special occasions is a good way to stay in touch. This can cover many different events, from birthdays and joining anniversaries to moving home, getting married or having a baby.

#2: Keep in touch with past clients by sending them exclusive offers

You can also send past clients exclusive offers. This is a great way to re-engage them and turn them back into customers. And an offer doesn’t have to necessarily mean a discount either – think outside the box a little here. Could you offer them an additional bonus to your course, exclusive WhatsApp contact for a period of time, or even access to a private VIP group online?

#3: Keep in touch with past clients through regular nurture emails

Nurture emails aren’t just for new subscribers to your list. Get permission to add your past clients to your list, too; you can send them an exclusive invite email for this. You can then continue emailing them emails of value, sharing your expertise and giving them an insight into your business.

#4: Make use of your referral program

A referral program is an excellent addition to any business. It’s essentially a way of using word of mouth to attract new clients into your business. Past clients already know what it’s like working with you, and they’re also aware of the types of results you get. So encourage them to share those thoughts and opinions with their friends and colleagues. [Check out this blog post for additional Customer loyalty reward options.]

#5: Invite past clients to your events and workshops

Don’t forget to let past clients know about your upcoming events and workshops. They may wish to redo one if they previously attended or experience it firsthand if they haven’t yet. If you need support to run an event, they also make ideal helpers – if you allow them to attend at a discounted or free price.

#6: Use helpful resources as a means to keep in touch with past clients

You’ve spent time getting to know your clients, so why not use this as an opportunity to stay in touch with your past clients? If you find something that would be of interest to them, share it. Blog posts, events and products, industry news etc., all provide helpful information and serve to keep you at the forefront of their mind.

#7: Send personalised notes

Finally, why not opt to send the occasional personalised note to your previous clients? This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or long – it could simply be a thank you card or get well wishes, or a celebration for any occasion. Again, you can get a little creative here if you think outside of the box and stay in touch with them.

It’s really worth your time to keep in touch with past clients. Not only does it heighten the likelihood of them becoming repeat customers, but it also enables you to further build on the relationship and expand your network. And if your clients grow to love what you do and the results they get, it can also help you use word of mouth to effectively grow your business as well.

The 7 simple ways to stay in touch above all take time to implement, which may be something you have in short support. If so, why not get in touch? Our team can provide you with the business support you need to get organised and get stuff done without it eating into your own valuable time. So if you’re looking to reduce distractions so you can work on your business or do more of what you love, get in touch. You can contact us here: