A mailing list is one of the most important assets in your business. You spend all that time attracting new prospects and adding them as interested subscribers, but what next? How can you stay in touch with your mailing list subscribers so they don’t forget who you are and why they were interested in you in the first place?

Because it’s so easy to forget your mailing list exists, especially if you’re focusing on raising your profile online to attract new people. But the people on your list have already expressed an interest in what you do. They’re warm leads and the last thing you want to do is let them go cold. Do that, and you’ll have a list of uninterested, cold contacts.

So if you’re wondering what to do, once you’ve started attracting people to join your list, here’s a breakdown of how you can stay in touch. Not only will this keep you at the forefront of their mind, but it will also help you turn those warm leads into buyers.

#1: Regularly share useful resources

Your email subscribers are interested in your business and also have an issue or problem you can help them with. There’s a wide range of resources you can send to stay in touch and offer value to them – everything from useful links and free resources, right through to your thoughts and advice.

But also, know that it isn’t just your information you can share. Have you read something interesting or watched a video that would resonate with them? How about someone you’re connected to who would be a great fit for your subscribers? Put on your thinking cap and see what resources you can share with them.

#2: Send weekly emails if you want to stay in touch

If you’re looking for a simple way to stay in touch with your mailing list, commit to sending out a weekly email. This could be as simple as a roundup of your week or a brief story about something that happened during your week.

Another option is to send a newsletter that includes a link to your latest blog or a high engagement social media post, along with a quick recap on your week and a link to an offer or launch you’re running. Don’t overthink this one though, just go with what is easiest for you.

#3: Ask for their help and encourage them to get involved

Another simple solution is to reach out for help from your mailing list subscribers. It could be a simple choice of two new program names you’re struggling to choose between, or a simple market research question, it’s up to you. But be creative here and always respond to any emails you receive in response.

#4: Stay in touch by starting conversations

How about reaching out to individual subscribers and starting a conversation? Maybe you choose a couple every week or reach out to new subscribers as they join. It’s a great way to build relationships, especially if you’re just starting out.

If your mailing list is on the larger side, you could opt for emailing out a simple question and inviting your subscribers to respond. Again, this is only limited by your creativity over the questions – but if in doubt, ask for their biggest struggles around your niche or the one thing they would get help with, if they could pick your brain for a moment.

#5: Expand on your social media content

Another simple option is to create content around your existing social media posts. Pick one post that is doing well or deserves a more in-depth breakdown and use that content to send out to your mailing list. It’s great for creating value – and you could ramp this up further by asking if they’d like you to do a training on the subject too!

#6: Promote your products and services

This strategy is often overlooked when looking to stay in touch with your mailing list! But you’re in business to make sales, so start promoting your products and services. Remember, your mailing list is full of people who are already interested in what you offer, so you’re doing a disservice by not sharing your promotions and offers with them!

#7: Have an ongoing nurture sequence

The final available option to help you stay in touch with your list is creating an ongoing nurture sequence. It’s up to you how you do this, but the simplest option is to decide how many emails you want to send each week and then commit to batch writing those emails in one hit.

So what can you put in those emails? Have a simple strategy in place, where you pick a topic each week/month. You can then send one or two emails to share how your audience is feeling about that topic, along with their issues around it, then share a couple of value posts that help them move forward from it and how your product/service will help them. You can then use a simple PS at the end of a few of those emails, offering your paid or free solution to the problem.

It’s relatively easy to stay in touch with your mailing list subscribers, when you use the tips above. The key is to decide to do so – you can then decide how that looks and create the subsequent content to match.

And if it all seems a little overwhelming to you or there’s no available time for you to do this yourself, why not outsource your marketing to a Virtual Assistant? We have several ways of helping you with this, so why not check out the different ways you can work with us – you’ll find all the details here.