Blogging – it’s a challenge I’ve chosen for me and one you should all do! If I’m doing it why should I be alone! Here’s the link again to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

The tag [TIME SAVED] shows you where a Virtual Assistant (such as Virtual Hand) can save you time by doing these elements. This allows you to do what you love in your business as well as what you are good at.


So, I thought I’d start with Blogging as a subject and something that a VA can help – on many different levels.

Level 1 – Posting

You’ve worked tirelessly to create your very own blog – looking at keywords, length of around 500 words, suitable image and a fabulous Call To Action. Phew! You can now move on; the next bit can be outsourced. This allows you to move on to other activities in your business that earn you money or get you further along the ‘prospect’ line to converting an enquiry.

Posting the blog on your website should take no more than 10-15 minutes [TIME SAVED]. This would include formatting, adding Header Styles (H2) to your text, applying emphasis such as bold and bullets. Adding your image [TIME SAVED] (or even sourcing an image for you – but that would take a little more time) and then completing the SEO (perhaps via Yoast plugin) to get the green light that means you have done well. There may be more and this can be checked on the plugin information.

An image can be sourced [TIME SAVED] from many sites available at a small price or from one of the many sites that offer free images. If your VA knows you, your product and business branding well she is able to select a suitable image for you.

You may also need someone to jog your memory [TIME SAVED] that a post is due and perhaps the topic/subject you have already agreed and electronic calendars just don’t do it for you. A gentle email or text might be just what is needed to spur you on – or even getting your VA to add a slot to your calendar [PLANNED TIME] to complete it. We do our best!

Level 2 – Sharing

What’s the point in writing your blog (I know some people that can spend hours on this element alone) and then not sharing it [TIME SAVED]. Sharing your content, driving people to your website, allowing people to learn more about you and how you can help them – the meaning of sharing. So let’s look where you can share your blog post:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • Email Mailing
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Ezines
  • Online publications that attract your target market
  • Magazines/newspapers
  • Blogger sites
  • Collaborators/Joint Ventures who share your material

There is no end to it’s use; being creative could produce some interesting introductions and ultimately more business.

Level 3 – Creating

Funny that Level 3 takes us back to the beginning – usually because to get someone else to create your blogs would cost you more but can save you so much time [TIME SAVED]. Some people would never dream of getting someone else to do this – they know their business, it’s theirs and no-one can write about it as well as them. Unfortunately, this is not ultimately true. Everyone can create a post; the time it takes to write will be very different, the tone of voice and the angle of the piece may be different too. So finding the right person is crucial if you wish to do this.

However, you can outsource the writing of your blogs on a couple of levels too.

Level 1 – Supply a Heading, a Keyword, bullet points and a Call To Action. Your helper would bulk it out but use your ‘view of the topic’ and your base for the content.

Level 2 – Supply a Heading and bullet points. More for the curator to do.

Level 3 – Supply a topic and maybe an angle or initial concept. Even more for the curator to do and would probably cost more.

Now the curation of pieces can be outsourced to a variety of people – an expert in the field, an expert in writing (Copywriter), a colleague in the business, someone else in the field, someone who knows about the industry/topic and even to someone who loves to write. Finding the right fit is certainly an important aspect of publishing a blog that you are happy to represent you, your business and fits with your values, ethos and branding.

Here cometh the end of Number 2 – Blogging.

Here’s a link to the Start in case you missed it.

Employing staff is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules. Working with a VA is an option that a great many business people are turning to. Check out my book on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

I’d love to hear your comments if you have started using blogs and if in fact you are outsourcing any stage of it.

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