30 Day Blogging Challenge

When I first saw this my initial reaction was – Daily! Sometimes it’s a struggle to do it weekly and before that monthly was all I could manage and even then I did miss some months. But I love a challenge so here’s to starting a challenge that I’ve been putting off since the beginning of the year – oops!

As a business grows it employs different strategies and activities to get noticed, get more clients and earn more income and blogging is definitely one that I’d recommend any business to do – in some way or another, be it monthly weekly or even take up the daily challenge.

Creating a habit

They do say it takes 30 days for something to become a habit and this is surely one way of getting out there and writing. Many people procrastinate – what have I got to say, nobody wants to hear from me, I know nothing, there’s so many others doing it nobody will notice I’m not. And all in all just not get started or not do it consistently/regularly enough to make a difference.

What difference you may ask? The reason for continually updating content on your website (because that is what you are doing) is so that Google loves you. Yes, the all-powerful Google who choose who to display on their pages when someone searches and don’t we all want to get on page one? Driving traffic to your website via a blog (when shared) is the one good organic way of moving towards this goal and yes, everyone wants to hear what you have to say.

Learning more about you is how people learn to like you, trust you and eventually buy from you (or maybe just recommend you) as some people just don’t need your products/services.

I procrastinate every time I have to write one – that’s my challenge – I usually end up doing something that will not grow my business and get me more clients but once I do beat myself up into doing it – it’s over quite quickly. I’m certainly not one of these that take hours to produce one post. I just don’t! So here’s to starting a challenge – eventually!

I’m going to try and stick to this – but you are allowed to miss if it just doesn’t work – and then pick up again but my thoughts lead me to thinking about doing a few at a time – making time every day may just be a step too far. I am, as you know, a busy lady! [That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!]

What to write

I’ve blogged about the world of a VA, about the work we do, the systems/software we use and generally showing my experience and knowledge so I was a bit stumped as to how to tackle this Challenge (because believe me it is a challenge) but having spoken to Sarah she pointed me in the right direction. Well, you’d not expect anything less of the blogging lady herself who has coached many a blogger to success – which for some is appearing in the Huffington Post – now there’s a goal!

Now to what I’m going to write about – I’ve come up with a list of 28 things that VAs (and more importantly what we here at Virtual Hand) can do for growing businesses; or businesses that just can’t ‘fit it all in’ and an extra pair of hands to offload it to is a godsend and they then get to do the things they really love doing in their business (or actually using the time gained to do things they love with their family, for themselves or just to be able to slow down and enjoy the journey more).

28 things – yes, I know it’s a 30 Day Blogging Challenge but here is number 1 – The Start and there will be number 30 – The End

Here cometh the end of Number 1 – The Start of the Challenge – it has begun.

29 to go!

I’d love to hear your comments if you are also on the journey, completed the journey or in fact this is the first time you’ve heard of the Challenge and it is appealing or just far too challenging at this time – but maybe one for the back burner.

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