My favourite resource of all is the all too familiar list – it is my tool of choice to getting new clients.

Yes, I’m a list person! I have a number of notebooks going at the same time and each one starts with a list, has lists in it and usually ends with a list.

I list what needs to be done, who needs to be chased, who needs to be invoiced, ideas for blogs, new software to take a look at, files to be indexed and that all important one: my hot list!

My hot list is those people who I would love to work with. I’ve created this list based on conversations, things I’ve heard about them and learning more about their business. I’ve identified that they need my support, I know how I can add value and what they can achieve if I help them.

But – and it’s a massive but – they don’t know that they need me so my work starts with getting on their radar. Getting them to recognise me, my business and my services and also to learn from others about my value.

We must start in ‘stalker mode’ – following them on Twitter, liking their Facebook page, following them on LinkedIn, commenting on their posts in groups (Facebook and LinkedIn). Commenting valuable information that can help them or others in their quest to grow their business and build their team.

Share my content on LinkedIn, on my Facebook page and on my website with my blog content that answers their questions; identifies their struggles and provides solutions.

Having those all-important 121’s at networking events to learn more about them, what they are wanting to achieve and where they are wanting to take their business. Brainstorming ideas with them and maybe introducing them to others that can help them achieve their goals – not VAs obviously!

Little by little (or very quickly) they will start to see me as helpful, knowledgeable and eager to support and help them to succeed.

In time I’d want them to come to me and start asking me ‘how does this work’, ‘can you help’, ‘do you do this or that’. I’d work with them to create a plan – identifying things that can be outsourced and showing them how they can then use their time to move their business forward.

POW – BOOM – it all happens just like that!

I wish!

We all have an ideal client journey and we work towards that – but sometimes it’s just doesn’t work that way. Be open to opportunities but also learn from the disappointments – they decide against it, you’re just too expensive, someone else gets in their first, it’s not how they want to move forward, they just don’t like you!

Rule of thumb in this case : just start again!

I’d love to hear if you use lists and what’s your number one successful tool in getting new clients.

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