Need to work and have adventures at the same time? Try a Worcation!

As we’ve been on a bit of a role with posts relating to taking time off for holidays, we thought ‘why stop there, let’s look at taking a break from a different perspective!’ For many business owners, being able to work from anywhere (especially if your business is online based) is a major perk and for many, the reason why they started their own business in the first place. You get to set your own hours, your rates and of course you decide when you can take time away for that well deserved break away from the day to day.

Let’s go back to “being able to work from anywhere” mentioned above.

You’ve taken your annual holiday(s) with your family, significant other or friends but you still need that time away from the office, a change of environment and scenery and for those that are based in areas of cooler climate, you can’t beat spending time somewhere that’s a little warmer.

Have you thought about taking a Worcation?

As you can probably work out, if you have not already heard the term, a worcation is a combination or working while taking a vacation. For some this may be a big ‘no-no’ and your holiday is 100% relaxation, which of course is ideal. However, to some entrepreneurs this option is a compromise until they are in a position to totally switch off. Of course, this could also be in addition to your annual adventures, and as we mentioned before, a perk of the job to work from anywhere you choose.

So how do you plan for the perfect worcation? Below we’ve got a few tips to consider

  1. Do your research, ensure that your accommodation has an internet connection, and a reliable one at that. It’s important that you can get online, hassle free and make sure you can get your work done.
  2. Make sure your equipment is reliable. Check your laptop is functioning properly before you go, perhaps take it to a computer shop for a little ‘techie MOT’ so that you can have peace of mind that your technology won’t fail you during your trip. If you can, take back ups.
  3. If you are travelling to an area with a different time zone to your clients or customers, will this cause any issues in communication?
  4. Schedule in your work times. Remember, you are making this a multi-purpose trip so allocating times to work and play are a must and vice versa.
  5. Have a Virtual Assistant to hand back on your home turf to help you to deal with any issues, enquiries or if you just need to delegate some extra work, so that you can make more time to explore.

Whether this is a short break or a longer term trip, it’s important to be prepared. If done correctly a worcation can be beneficial to not only your business but your own health and well-being too. Creating a perfect work-life balance does wonders to contribute to your ever continuing success.

If you are thinking about taking the steps to plan your trip to work while away from your office and combining a little fun into the equation, then why not contact Virtual Hand for a no obligation discovery call and discuss how we can help you make it happen!  We’ve also got first hand experience of how this all works because guess what…we do it too!

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