How much does every hour cost you, or even every minute?

When you are a business owner time means money, there’s no doubt about it! What you do with your time during your work schedule impacts the success of your business, therefore it’s important to realise just how valuable those minutes and hours are and how valuable YOU are to that time! Finding the right time to hire a VA for your business is critical.

Applying yourself to the tasks within your business that are the income generators, the cogs in the clockwork that can only be done by you.

It can take a while to learn how to appreciate ‘business time’. As a start-up business many people find that they are doing everything themselves to make things work from the daily admin duties to performing their services or producing their products. They see it as a way of keeping costs to a minimum and also there’s an element of control that they don’t wish to let go of at such an early stage. Then there are many who have established their business, but are still spending their valuable time doing everything. Is this productive? Is this valuing your time?

What areas can you apply yourself to wholeheartedly in your business and know that you are utlising the best moments of the ticking clock?

Here’s a great article to make you stop and ask yourself the question…

Which is more valuable? Your time or your money?

I thought I had it all figured out when it came to valuing my time but there is more to valuing your time than just getting things done. You see despite my aim to be extremely productive with my time, I was still doing my own cleaning, getting involved in work that I could easily have delegated to others.

If you take a view of life in general, time is precious, it is something that you can never get back. There’s no time machine out there, there’s no way of turning back the clock, the only opportunity you have is to fill the unforgiving minute’ ~ Rudyard Kipling so we need to adopt this attitude. We need to be getting the best out of every moment that we can. There’s a great book called Give me Time by The Mind Gym, that can really help you to find solutions to make the most out of your day. It’s worth a read and you’ll be surprised how much you can stretch your day, think of it as your very own time machine if you like!

One way to immediately get yourself moving in the right direction to valuing your time is to talk to a VA. Virtual Assistants, just like us here at Virtual Hand, are amazing at helping you achieve the best out of your time management. So take that first step today and book in your free discovery call, where we can help you to identify the areas that you could utilise better.

Don’t waste any more time thinking about it, struggling to do it all yourself and most importantly, not recognising the value that every minute brings.

Employing staff is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules. Working with a VA is an option that a great many business people are turning to. Check out my book on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

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