Have you ever attended a training course, whether on line or face to face, and have come away feeling as though you’ve not really grasped the concept of the subject in hand?

Did you spend some of your valuable time wanting to learn, however, a few hours of surfing the world-wide web could possibly have provided you with more insight and at none of the cost?

This can often be down to a style of training that lacks in engagement with the audience. Whether through visual presentation or audio, training materials and methods need to be informative, interesting and encourage interaction and further investigation. Perhaps the received training isn’t quite the best for certain individuals.

We wanted to share with you a few training techniques that we believe will provide effective results. After all, we all learn in different ways!

  • Getting ‘hands on’ – There’s nothing quite like getting involved and actually doing the task in hand. Quite often this type of training will be on a one to one basis and may utilise the services of a coach who focuses in the specified area for development. It’s about identifying individual skill sets and experience and working together to come up with an effective training plan that will suit an existing position or a future role. It’s all about growth and development.
  • Interacting makes you more receptive – When training consists of discussion it means that everyone in attendance can get involved. It’s not just the trainer talking at the audience, it’s letting everyone ask questions, answer questions and gain clarification. Throw around ideas, have fun with role pay or maybe even try a quiz.  In this training scenario, it’s important to ensure that everyone can get involved and that focus is not aimed at the person who asks the most.  It’s all about interacting with one another and recognising that we’re all learning together, on the same page and receptive to the information being shared.
  • Looking for something time and cost effective? – Perhaps computer based training is preferable. For many, time availability and finances are the main reason why training is unobtainable and therefore turning to an easy to use platform, where training can be done at your own pace via a multitude of mediums, such as audio, video or visual presentation is a favourable option.
  • There’s nothing quite like face to face instructor led training – Especially when the techniques are fun and interactive. With technology as it is today, there is definitely a scope for computer based training as we mentioned above, however, you can’t beat ‘old school’ training. The PowerPoint presentation, just like the whiteboard is a permanent fixture for any training room and being able to focus entirely on the topic in hand for a concentrated amount of time, means that information can be absorbed, questions asked and confidence achieved.

We would love to have you attend our classroom environment, where we can take demonstrate what we believe to be the most effective training technique out there. Why not check out what courses we have to offer? Just head on over to our sister website, Practical Business Training.

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