Blogging can be a constant struggle for some people.

If you struggle from writer’s block or feel as though you just don’t have the writing style or creativity to produce content, then you are not alone. Keeping consistent with your publications is important when it comes to maintaining your audience and also when reaching out to a new market, this in turn scares off many of us from writing, because what happens if we just can’t keep the momentum?

Have you thought about breaking down the different types of blogs that are out there and perhaps jotting down a few ideas that would come under each category? Which style may suit you the most? You may also find that this exercise will get your creative juices flowing and before you know it, you’ve pretty much got a list of content ideas that you can start implementing into your editorial calendar.

To get you started, here are 15 types of blog style to inspire.

  1. Guest blog – Is there someone that inspires you that you know will inspire others? A great way to get content onto your site is to request for guest bloggers. In return, share their social media links and website. It helps as part of their marketing plan too.
  2. Video blog – Video is where it’s at! So many people these days turn to the likes of YouTube because watching can sometimes work better for others than reading. Have you considered ‘vlogging’?
  3. Q&A – Reach out to your audience on social media for questions about a particular topic, then curate them all together with your answers to provide the perfect Q&A post.
  4. FAQ and SAQ – What do you find you get asked the most about? This could easily be turned into a blog post or even better a ‘series’ (see below) of posts, creating even more content ideas
  5. Series – Do you have a lot of information on one subject? Why not break it down into a series of posts. For example, a three-part series on the 15 types of blog style. Therefore, an article such of this one, could be broken down and elaborated on each topic, 5 per post.
  6. How to – How do you upload a photo to your blog? How do you schedule social media using hootsuite? How do you work with a Virtual Assistant? These questions may have obvious answers to you, but to your audience they may be super informative and help them with the next steps of their own business development.
  7. Review of new products/services – Pretty much what it says on the tin this one. Approach companies and ask them if they would be open for you to review what they have to offer. You never know, they may actually ‘share’ your content within their own marketing strategy, thus helping with yours.
  8. Seasonal – Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year… all of those things that many of us celebrate can be a topic of conversation for your latest blog article. Add a little fun into your content and experiment with competitions, games or quizzes.
  9. Guides – You may want to write a guide on how to do something, so for this type of post, it may be a little longer than your average. By writing a guide you can share instructions on how to perform an action or how to use a piece of equipment or software. Thorough information is needed so that your reader can understand and learn from your content.
  10. Lists – Here is a perfect example of a list. Add a little detail to each item with an explanation. This then leaves the option open to produce future articles as a ‘series’ (mentioned above).
  11. Checklists – These are extremely useful and can also be an article that leads to a download. Create a checklist, write about it in your blog and get your audience to sign up to receive the download. This is great for list building/marketing purposes.
  12. Case Study – Do you have a client or a project that you have worked on and would like to share your experience in making it successful. Case studies are a great way to do this and also to provide an example of your work.
  13. Infographic – Visuals speak well to many people and get information across in a simplified, fun and communicative manner. Create a blog post that focuses on an infographic. These are great for sharing on social media.
  14. Interview – A conversational blog post makes interesting and engaging reading. It’s also great for a little cross promotion with your interviewee. Is there someone that inspires you? Perhaps you could try and arrange to interview them for your latest article?
  15. Top tips – This type of blog, always goes down well. We’re always looking for tips to help us be more efficient in our business or to generate inspiration and ideas. Writing a list of top tips is a great way to share your knowledge. It’s offering something to your readers that they will find useful, and hopefully having them sign up for more of what you have to offer.

We hope that these ideas will contribute to you feeling a little more at ease when it comes to approaching your blog content.

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