Collaboration can be a powerful tool for small businesses. There’s only so much you can achieve as an individual and, if you want your business to scale, it helps to have the help and support of others. However, when we think of getting help and support, we tend to only focus on getting that help by growing a support team within our business. But collaborating enables you to get the help and support of other business owners – meaning you can expand your reach and that support exponentially.

Collaboration fosters great relationships

All businesses need relationships for networking and forming alliances. It’s what helps you to grow and expand your reach. Collaboration not only allows you to foster great relationships, but it also can help you achieve goals and solve problems too.

As this blog post explains:

QUOTE: We can achieve great things as individuals, let’s not underestimate that. However, when you work as a complimenting team, the only directions you can really go are up and forward. Working together in harmony and offering services that can help your business attract more clients and gain bigger contracts.

Collaboration helps keep you relevant

If you want to stay relevant to your clients, you need to continue to solve their problems. Collaborating with others helps you do this, as you can offer things outside of your own business expertise. By working with others, you can provide solutions to any related problem your clients may have, helping them further and helping you to become seen as the ‘go-to’ person for your niche.

Share blogs and social media content

If you’re looking to build a collaboration with another business, it pays to start by sharing their content with your audience. Selectively pick content that you think will be of interest and value to your ideal client. This not only helps you to get on the radar of the other business, but it also helps you test whether your audience is interested in the subject matter and/or services being provided.

Look into cross-promoting

Cross-promoting is another form of collaboration. By sharing related products that will be useful to your audience, you’re expanding your reach and getting in front of a new audience. When you use this form of collaboration, you usually agree to promote each other’s products and services to your audience. This can include emailing each other’s lists, promoting products and services, or writing promotional blog posts.

Opt for joint projects

Another way you can introduce collaboration into your business is to create joint projects together. Suppose you have a product or service that involves a group of people (such as a Facebook group or a membership site). In that case, you could invite collaborators in to share advice and expertise. Events such as webinars, launch event bonuses, one-day training and special collaboration packages, are all great opportunities. They serve to not only share valuable resources and training for your ideal clients, but they also help foster relationships with business owners who will help return the favour when you’re ready to expand your reach.

Focus on the bigger picture

If you’re looking to grow your business in an authentic and aligned way, don’t be in business just for you. Think about making a positive impact on your ideal clients and the wider world. Think about what helps your client, not just your bottom line. When you share other resources that are outside of your own business, you’re helping build awareness and giving your brand a positive reputation.

Ultimately though, collaboration will help your business grow and improve your bottom line. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to build relationships that will continue to help your business for years to come. And it’s a chance for you to support other business owners and your clients in ways that you couldn’t do on your own.

If you’re looking for more information on creating collaborations that work for your business, the website has a great guide on business growth through collaboration – you’ll find it here.

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