For those of you that are new to managing social media, or still trying to get a firm grip on understanding  the concept, you may have heard the word ‘Hootsuite’ doing the rounds.

Anyone that has already incorporated this fantastic resource into their business and marketing strategy will, I’m confident in saying, tell you how much easier and efficient it has proved.

Maybe Hootsuite is completely alien to you and you read this post perplexed and hopefully intrigued.

Well let me shed some light…

  • Hootsuite is a fantastic tool to help you with managing your social media scheduling. You see, you don’t have to be tweeting, posting and updating your Facebook status in ‘real time’ all the time. Although it is good practice to have a real time presence on your social media platforms on a regular basis, taking the pressure out of keeping up a constant ‘real time’ presence is very much a blessing.
  • Hootsuite and customer service go hand in hand. Not only is social media a great way for your customers to contact you if assistance is required, it is also advantageous in enabling you to reply or provide a response to many frequently asked questions. Hootsuite has the facility to store draft messages, so that you can post or share the response should the same question be arising again and again.
  • Hootsuite is also a great way to monitor what people are saying about your brand and gives you an opportunity to provide instant responses. It’s also a great way to analyse just how well specific tweets or posts are performing. If something is performing well, then you know that your social media strategy (which should always be reviewed and updated) is on the right track.
  • Hootsuite also enables you to manage your social media as a team. We have always been advised never to divulge our passwords or login details to our twitter or Facebook accounts. By having one Hootsuite account, with a login for each member of your team, you can keep your personal credentials to yourself and at the same time enable someone to assist you with your social media management. You always have control, and are able to monitor who is saying (or in this case ‘tweeting’ or ‘posting) what and when it is being said. This particular benefit of such a great tool may be a little advanced to those of you that are just starting out with social media. However, believe it when I say that once you get the hang of it, things grow quickly and you will want to be able to stay on top of everything.
  • Hootsuite is available across many devices. Not only can you gain access via your desktop, you can also use your mobile phone or tablet to log in, schedule, respond or just generally overview what is happening on your social media platforms.

Above are just a few examples as to why this fantastic resource tool can benefit you and your business. Whether you are running your enterprise flying solo or would like to involve a team and take your marketing strategy to the next digital level, Hootsuite could be the solution you are looking for.

This is of course not a sales pitch. I don’t work for Hootsuite and the only benefit of me mentioning the name over and over again is that it lodges itself into the mind of you, the reader, and hopefully gives you a solution to the common phrase of ‘social medial overwhelm’.

There are also many experienced users of Hootsuite out there, who are happy to assist you with your set up and social media maintenance. Have you thought that perhaps outsourcing this element of your business could be the perfect way for you to concentrate on other areas that will contribute to your business development?

I’d love to hear your thoughts too on how the Owl has helped you; or if in fact you use a different tool.

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