Virtual Hand cover a variety of services but do our clients know about them all? Probably not!

It is frustrating when a client has gone somewhere else for something you could have done for them?

You then question why they didn’t know it:

  • You tweet about it
  • You talk about it
  • It’s in your mailing
  • It’s on your website

What more could you do?

Sometimes it just happens that way.


As a VA we have many skills and talents that may go undiscovered because the usual question is What do you do? And as the answer can be quite lengthy (or the time short) you may not get to the thing they want. It is always recommended to flip the question back to the enquirer with What do you do that you don’t like, not very good at or would prefer if someone else could do it [within your area; ie with your website, with your imagery, with your words etc]. That way you get them to focus on their tasks and you can then identify solutions to their pain.

With this in mind and with the work I can do I decided to actually mindmap the variety (but again not exhaustive) of tasks that can be undertaken by me. This includes the Social Media side of things as well as exhibition/workshop assistance; such as meet ‘n’ greet or on your stand.

I’ve taken the liberty of linking in the MindMap download for you to peruse. It may give you some ideas of what can be completed by a VA and you may even recognise your pain there!

Again, it’s not exhaustive so if it does trigger something get in touch and we can see if it’s an area that we do enjoy!

I look forward to hearing about your pain!

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