There was a time when a picture reached further and was liked far more than any text. Times change but I am sure you will all agree that pictures still have their place on our timelines. Taking a picture and uploading doesn’t take too long but why not use images to represent your brand, mix them with a quote that you and your target market will relate to and it’s a double wammy! Adding a label with your website url on too will reduce the number of people that steal your image and put out as their own and you’ve got a great piece for your facebook timeline.

You can also create these types of images for your blog posts and for driving traffic to said blog posts.


There are many tools available to create these memes (as they are called) from the simple Paint where you add two text boxes – one with the quote and one with the url. Using different font sizes and colours as well as positioning enables simple memes to be created.

Free Software

For the more creative of you there is picmonkey and canva (I understand canva is a little more sophisticated as it gives you the right sizes for the different social media platforms). Not a creative type I’ve watched my children manipulate these programmes far more successfully than me – even after watching tutorials – it’s just not me!

If you are like me and creative doesn’t come natural you can outsource this type of work – there are many people out there that love it. They are able to put the whole image together by sourcing both the image and text or you can provide them. Not a costly exercise and can really transform your timeline and interaction.


Or you can have a go yourself. There are many sites giving free images to use in whole or by cropping them so they are not the same as others who use them. Sourcing appropriate texts again is not that hard; there are now many sites available.

Alternatively, you can take your camera (or even the latest phone) and take some pictures of your own. Very unique and a great way to get out there and break away from the computer. Think of a theme and take a number on that theme – create a campaign based on that same theme. Maybe the same day every week or running for the whole month. (See I can come up with ideas but putting it together sometimes makes me give up far too quickly!) Maybe get the family involved too. Or even ask your followers to upload their own on that theme – increasing engagement all the time.

I love to hear from those of you that outsource or have even had a go – what impact did that have on your engagement, followers and you?

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