What do you give your attendees? A delegate pack comes in varying different guises whether you are training or speaking at an event. The customer service you offer is what counts to people as well as the added value and having a great experience. Tick all these boxes and your followers will keep following, bring others and tell others. Wow – what a way to make a living!

They’ve paid for training or to see you on stage – what memories do they take with them, is there anything tangible you can give them to take away and perhaps make that experience better and long lasting?

  • Do you have products that they can purchase at break time/at the end?
  • Is there a refresher/checklist document you can give them during/after the event or send on to them?
  • Is there something on the chair to give them more information about you, what they are about to see/learn, other things that might interest them that you offer?

All the while you need to be thinking about how you can add value to their investment; making them feel special and appreciated. This way they will tell others and want to learn more from you.

On the other hand do you believe: When someone has paid to be with you they have made an investment – they believe in you and are therefore ripe for upselling to?

People will invest and attend but there thoughts on the day will be different. Yes, some will be expecting to be able to purchase something, others however will not.

You need to make it as easy as possible for both attendees. Opportunities will arise and you need to be ready for them and deliver. But also be open to those opportunities coming along later.


Here’s a few things you can include in a delegate pack (before, during or after the event):


  • Accurate timings (so people can arrange public transport if necessary)
  • Venue details (including maps, parking and other facilities if people are staying over)
  • Agenda; if there are a number of speakers/slots and lasts a day or longer
  • Full bio and product information


  • Do they need name tags/place labels?
  • Notes to accompany the presentation/learning (if applicable)
  • Full bio and product information leaflets
  • Selection of products to purchase (perhaps a reduced rate to encourage sales)


  • Autoresponder system to ask questions, insights from the event
  • Upselling opportunities
  • Affiliate links if appropriate
  • Invitations to other training/events


I’d love to hear what has been successful for you to include in your events and the responses from your audience.

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