There are so many social media platforms available now, it can be hard to decide which ones you really need to be spending time on. I personally think that Pinterest is one VA’s really need to consider, especially if you offer social media or copywriting services.

Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic direct to your site as well as to share information you think is relevant to your potential and existing clients. It is a great way to showcase your expertise and generate a buzz around your blog posts, especially tips and tutorials.


But how do you use it for your VA business?

  • Creating your Boards. Be creative, do not just simply pin your own products,  a great idea if you are a local business is to create a local business board, ie, things I love about _________!


  • Search. Use the search facility to research who else is using the site. Start looking around and you will find people you want to interact with you and you can help by promoting their businesses too.


  • Pin. To maximise the effectiveness of Pinterest you need invest some time in you’re pinning. Add the Pinterest bookmarklet to your tool bar so that when you see pictures of interest to you or your business, you simply click on the tool and  pin it to your boards. To build followers a great idea is to add a pin this button to your items, like the Facebook Like button.


  • Invite. Once you have built up your boards, invite others to the site. Be strategic about this, invite other businesses you’d like to help as well as people who will help promote your business and products too!


  • Engage. Search the site and find other products and users you find of interest and start pinning their items on your board along with making comments. If you find a pin which  has been taken from review on a blog,  comment and add a link to the original site, this will help build you reputation on the site. You can add links to your products in the comment box so long as it is relevant and not just blatant self promotion.


I’d love to hear if you are using Pinterest and how it is working for your VA business.

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