Are you someone who is up to date with all the latest technology in business and taking advantage of the latest tools that could be helping your business to grow? Perhaps you’re on the other end of the scale and find that even turning on a computer just isn’t your thing, let alone the words ‘Twitter’, ‘Mailchimp’,’Hootsuite’ or ‘WordPress’?

For the latter of you, you are not alone. There are many individuals out there who run a business but have no interest in technology or the inclination to develop their skills. They are focused on what creates their income. It may be that the production of their product or service requires limited use of technology and and therefore the latest techie trends are an item on their ‘list of things to look at … eventually’ that remains untouched. However, always niggling at the back of their mind is the fact that they are missing a trick to take their business further. Can you relate to this?

If this is you, then help is at (Virtual) hand.

For those of you that are in between and have an idea what’s going on, have dabbled in a few tools for your business and can understand the benefits that technology can give you, then you are in the majority. Many small to medium business owners have experimented with different forms of technology such as social media management tools and email marketing systems, but they just simply don’t have the time to utilise them to their full capacity.

Spending time on the tasks that create a business income or the ‘fee earning’ elements take priority and therefore the back office side of things takes a back seat. Can you relate to this?

If this is you, then help is also at (Virtual) hand.

The truth of the matter is that it can be hard to stay on top of technology All it takes is a blink and you’ve missed what was the latest craze and onto the next. There are new applications and process systems becoming available, what feels like daily, which can lead to a sense of overwhelm.

So how about turning to that (Virtual) hand we spoke about?

Would you benefit from your very own Virtual Assistant lightening the load and taking on the technology for you?

Just imagine if you could have your social media taken care of, your newsletter reaching your audience regularly or even mapping out your marketing strategy. It’s a great feeling to know that this is being taken care of in the background, enabling you to continue with what you do best. The reason that you went into business, and continue to build on your passion and reach your objectives.

Maybe you would like to get involved with learning some new IT skills with training and support? Understand the key items of software that will contribute to the development of your business.

Unwanted tasks on your to-do list? Let us help you blast through them using the latest technology to speed up the process.

Whatever your situation with systems or troubles with technology, get in touch with me here at Virtual Hand where I can help you save time, stay organised and become involved in the techie world as little or as much as you’d like to be.

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