A well-used phrase – but are you doing it? Celebrate success every time!

Today I have overcome a major hurdle (a slight exaggeration) – I’m not a WordPress expert and never profess to be either. I am well known for allowing experts to get on with what they do best rather than learning every other person’s job. Outsourcing at its best.

However, needs must!

I had invested in a new website – it was taking a long time and I tried so very hard to stay away but yesterday and today I had to take that step and ‘do it’.

As much as I wanted to leave it and didn’t really want to – I did and it actually worked out ok. Well, not to blow my trumpet too much – it worked! So a celebration is in order – celebrating my success.

I was able to create a couple of pages, create images, upload my freebies, set up my Mailchimp mailing list and all forms to ensure someone could sign up and download. Tested it and you’ve guessed it – it worked! Yey.

It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t difficult but it has taken me some time and all that time mithering about it. I would much rather it had been done months ago.

So, I celebrated my success – with a fresh brew and a slice of cake!

Each small step brings about great rewards (short term was the cake!). I’m looking long term and thinking my freebie will increase my list, spread my message, show my gifts and ultimately earn me more money.

I still have a couple of little niggly things (as well as my fabulous new book to finish) but they will happen very shortly (just putting it out there Universe).

What are you celebrating?

Have you been putting something off or just not wanting to go through the pain barrier of learning something (however small it may appear) new?

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