Do I hear you cringe, do I see you duck or are your ears pricking up?

The thought of another plan for your business can create another piece of paper for the wall, an electronic document that you forget is there or even when you print it off, it has a home which is where it stays.

I did a search on google for images of marketing plans and it came up with the following – with categories of Excel, Action, Outline, Example and Mix. Ooooo lots of choice or are you saying: just tell me what it should look like and how to do it?

I hate choice – especially the pudding menu (I digress) – and sometimes when something is new we’d rather someone did it for us, we were told how to do it or we spend time exploring all ideas, avenues, options etc.

Like others I love graphics to explain something (I am a visual learner) but again too much choice just throws me off the plan and I put it back on the list!

One image did catch my eye though – Activity we will implement with the Month, Deadline and Response – simples!

More detail is obviously needed in some areas but a plan for that Activity can be drawn up and developed but this is a one glance action plan. I do find being a simple girl I love simple things! (even puddings; chocolate gets me every time!).

Mind maps are good too – for visual people specifically – being able to see how each idea can branch to other things and what it really includes – how many branches can you create?

Program Calendar (to include PPC, events, webinars and social media), Tactics and Budgets might suit you better or a simple One Page Marketing Plan – they are all available for you to use in your business. It’s not about reinventing the wheel; it’s about thinking about it, putting those ideas down on paper/machine and actually taking action.

There is so much help out there for those that want it doing for them and for those more creative types who love a tool to help them produce it for themselves; there are lots to adapt or use as is. Once it is planned; then the action? Again the option is outsource or DIY?

Not to be set in stone but fluid and moving as your business moves forward – you will be growing won’t you and so your challenges will change and your options grow.

Do check out google and see what is available for you – I am sure there will be an option that will jump out at you and give you the incentive to have a go – if not look out for people doing it well (for either themselves or others).

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