Proofreading – in my opinion it is necessary for your credibility and audience experience.

A pet hate of mine – reading a great website, post, article or even a book and finding spelling mistakes, missed words, incorrect grammar (not that I am really hot on this area – but I know a lady who is if you need something checking) and they lose me quicker than a ‘startled gazelle’! (My military friends will recognise that famous phrase!)

There really is no need for it – spell checker is there for a reason; although make sure it is English and not American because putting ‘z’ in place of ‘s’ just plain makes my blood boil.

There are many qualified by certificate or experience who can help with the final once over – it doesn’t have to take a long time or cost the earth but really is so well worth it.

I know someone that takes their work to their Mum – an ex school teacher with excellent skills in the English language.

Then there are the people that say good is good enough – this has many different applications and all depends on the audience. A one year old will not really bother about their cake that Mum has devoted time and effort (and love) on but if I was to go into Betty’s in Harrogate and pay a princely sum for something of the same standard; I’d be severely disappointed. [I love cake and will pay good money for fabulous deserts]

If you are delivering training or content you are the expert and is expected to deliver the goods – if the goods are marred by bad spelling, grammar etc it is immediately diluted and the value is reduced also. [in my opinion]

If your audience is the bank where you are seeking funds; your presentation/information/content will be on a different plain to the local networking group hearing about your plans for the future of your business. Balance is the key; both in respect of presentation, content and attention to detail.

But needless to say; spelling is spelling, capital letters in the right place gives the right image and does show the type of person you are and will attract the people that are the same.

I love reading and proofreading enables me to indulge. I don’t have any formal qualifications but can spot a spelling mistake at 40 paces! Happy to do a trial for anyone wanting something specific to be checked over.

I’d be interested to hear which camp you are in and if you have ever invested in proofreading your products, be it website, handouts, presentation, leaflets, books etc.


Michelle Poole




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