First impressions count – we’ve all heard it but do we apply much credence to it? That first meet and greet sets the standard for the whole day – what do your attendees experience?

When you put on training it is time consuming; lots of organising, confirming, checking, double checking and re-checking.

Considerations need to go into:

  • The venue
  • The room
  • The facilities
  • The refreshments
  • Materials
  • Value for money
  • ROI

By the time the course comes along does it feel like it’s all downhill from there? You’ve done it all, covered all the angles and ensured it is all set up and ready to go?

The attendees arrive and …

  • Signs are up
  • Welcoming drink available
  • Venue staff ready to direct
  • Toilets accessible and available
  • Parking sufficient and nearby
  • The clock strikes ‘nth’ hour and everyone is seated and you are ready to ‘rumble’.

If that is your event; fabulous but is it more like:

  • Questions about location of toilets/room/refreshments
  • Comments about parking being limited/non-existent/miles away
  • Flustered attendees arriving late
  • Venue staff not available to assist
  • Technology letting you down
  • Being dragged from pillar to post before it starts

Breathing seems difficult at these times but it can be like the first example. Doing it all yourself is very draining unless you are doing the same process each time and you have lots of planning time available. My question is: do you want to grow and do more of what you love?

With the aid of an additional person the process can be so much more streamlined (set up even) and with that person meeting and greeting your attendees you are released from that pressure and wait in your room ready to receive your refreshed, calm, excited people.

Check out my Training category for all things a VA can help you with when being a trainer/coach or running events.

Let me hear your biggest success or even the worst event ever and how you learnt from that experience to ensure your first impressions count.

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