We all know that people have their preferences in both learning and working and when you are running a business there is a need for the written word. Do you sit and stare at the white paper and wildly wonder what you could possibly write about or how to put it together?

If you find it easier to talk about ‘stuff’ rather than think about sentence structure and paragraphs maybe what I am going to suggest might rescue you from that pain and ‘blank moments’.

Just speak! Yes, it’s as simple as that. Talk, speak, verbalise your thoughts and yes, we also need to capture those words in all their glory.

This may just be the way you communicate with people – turn to podcasts and audio downloads rather than the more traditional blogs and ebooks. They are the up and coming ways to do things. They are actually just another way to give yourself a voice for your audience. There are still the individuals who prefer the written word – to print stuff out and keep/file away.

Not a problem there are an army of VAs who love to transcribe the verbal word so you too can have that written document for your dedicated followers can download and read.

So let’s have a look at the tools available to us when recording our thoughts.

  1. The humble (yet, actually not so humble) mobile phone App – the Voice Memos (on Apple). A simple device that can really liberate any person wanting to make notes, set reminders, put down ideas, dictate any number of documents for someone to transcribe.
  2. Computer programs – there are a number of programs that you can use to record onto and then edit all the erms out! Such as audacity.sourceforge.net and nchsoftware.com/software/soundrec.html.
  3. Handheld devices – in the past these would have little cassettes that you would hand over, pop another one in and continue. These days it is all digital so just a matter of connecting to your computer and downloading. These can be purchased from a number of outlets on the high street or online.

Once recorded it can then be emailed straight to your VA to put words on paper and send to you for checking. Then put on your website with a funky image and offer as a freebie download to build your list or just to send to your followers. Having both audio and visual mediums of your materials enables you to serve a bigger audience than if you only had one or the other.

So next time that blank screen looks back at you smugly just getting your recording device out and talk.

If you are looking for a VA with these skills there are a number available – feel free to ask me to introduce you.

I’d love to hear of your experiences of working with a #VA – what do you find are the important skills they must have – for you?

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