Managing your time effectively is essential in any business when you will have multiple tasks needing to be completed. To help get your working day more organised here are some essential tips to get you working more efficiently in 2015.

  • Organise your day. Within your to-do list make sure your list the harder tasks at the start of the day so you can work on these when you are more energised, more focused and then these tasks will take less time to complete.
  • Be selfish. At the start of each working day, create a to-do list, and prioritise the jobs you need to do for you and then factor in any that other’s need doing. This is especially so in your business; especially a service business. You need to keep on top of your business as well as helping your customers to receive the service and products that they are paying for..
  • Touch things once. This applies to everything in your business, from emails to letters to phone calls. Once you receive them, act on them straight away and the put it to one side or delete it. If you receive an email and it will take you only 2 minutes to reply, do so straight away otherwise if you have to go back and find it again, this can take anything up to 10 minutes.
  • Move it. Rather than simply sitting at your desk all day trying to get your tasks done, you need to schedule in regular blocks of time to get up and move your body. You will find if you work for 45-60 minute blocks of time and then get up, walk around or make a drink and have a snack, you will return to your work more motivated and energised.
  • Slow down to get more done. If you pace yourself and don’t rush into everything you will find that jobs take less time to do and you will be more productive. If you rush head first into everything, you will find that you make mistakes that will take longer to rectify than if you took your time in the first place.

Time management is a skill that can be learnt – the discipline is important but once you have processes in place, a plan each day, you will find you get more done, feel more in control and you have time to grow your business.

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