Should you have a mobile app for your business? It’s a question many business owners are asking for good reason. The majority of the UK population uses a smartphone or tablet to access the internet. Mobile apps have become the quickest way to connect with their favourite businesses and resources.

But even if the idea is appealing and your ideal clients use a mobile device, is it still a sound investment for you to create an app? Here are 10 key benefits of having a mobile app for your business.

#1: A mobile app helps build connection

Connection is a key factor to consider, and an app will help here. It enables you to have direct and clear communication with your clients and provides them with access to a wealth of information. This makes for an easy and reliable form of communication, but it’s also great for improving long-term customer relationships.

#2: You’re able to provide more value for your customers

Once installed, an app is always there, ready to provide more value for your customers. It gives them a better form of engagement, and if you set it up to include FAQs and interactive responses, a quicker response to their questions. Higher satisfaction levels will help your app users feel more appreciated and noticed, leading to higher retention and loyalty.

#3: A new platform brings new clients

Although social media is incredibly popular, it can get overwhelming and busy. A mobile app is often the preferred method of engagement for your clients, especially if you’re aiming for the younger generation. It cuts out the noise and enables you to reach new clients who actively avoid using social media and the internet generally.

#4: A mobile app enables you to stand out from the crowd

Not all businesses will want or be able to afford an app. If you’re looking to build a stronger brand and stand out from the crowd, an app will help. It shows that you’re adapting to the mobile user’s needs and are willing to embrace new possibilities.

#5: Gives you valuable insights into your clients

If you’re looking for more insights into your clients’ behaviours and buying patterns, an app can help. Find out how people interact with your app and your business, including analytics around time spent on your app, purchasing habits, most-requested downloads and revenue spent per client.

#6: Personalised marketing is easier with a mobile app

It’s not always cheap or easy to use personalised marketing online. However, if you have an app, you have direct and personalised marketing options available, such as push notifications and client-driven personalised ads and offers. This helps you improve your marketing campaigns as you can base them directly on user information gained from the app itself.

#7: You’re able to provide a better level of customer service

The customer service experience can make or break a business. An app will help you improve yours – with the ability to create a help centre where clients can help themselves with the information they need and interactive automated responses for FAQs. You’re also able to ask for instant feedback on how you’re doing without the need for multiple surveys – and users are much more likely to respond to in-app questionnaires and surveys!

#8: Improve customer loyalty with a mobile app

Customer loyalty is also improved with a mobile app for your business. You can create a loyalty rewards program from within it and provide tailored instant rewards, recommendations, offers and discounts based on each user. And these are just some of the great reasons you should stay in touch with existing clients.

#9: A mobile app helps boost social sharing

Social proof is a powerful form of marketing for any business, and an app will help you here. As users are more likely to respond to in-app surveys and review requests, you can easily encourage them to be shared on social media, too – boosting app interaction also providing valuable social proof for your business.

#10: Encourages a higher spend rate

Due to the improved loyalty an app provides, along with an increase in responsiveness to ads and offers, an app will ultimately help you reach a higher average spend rate per user. Past client retention is also better, as a mobile app provides you with a simple way to stay in touch with past clients.

There are so many great benefits your business can glean from having a mobile app. It will benefit your business in the form of brand awareness and better connection, but it also gives you a simple way to stay in touch with your customers and be at the forefront of their minds.

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